Columbus cuts parking space requirements downtown

I’ve been talking about how zoning has rendered some buildings worthless- like the tall beautiful building to the left of Newcomes in the Oregon District – for years. You can’t use the building if you don’t have parking within 250′- and you can’t get parking at a reasonable price- because of the historic overlay which means no tearing down anything.

Result: deadlock.

I only have a conditional use in my building- because I don’t have 4 private parking spaces for my 1,500 sq feet. Everyone will tell you that my office is a boon to South Park- and the parking spaces on the street aren’t an issue. (The vacant shell that I bought was an issue though).

Reader Brian, sent a note that Columbus changed its rules about parking requirements (imagine that) for downtown:

legislation approved last night to reduce the number of spaces required at shopping centers, restaurants and office buildings. And for the first time, the city will require developers to include bicycle racks outside nearly every type of business.”It’s a significant change,” said City Councilwoman Priscilla R. Tyson, who sponsored the plan. City Council members passed the plan unanimously.

via City eases rule for parking lots | Columbus Dispatch Politics.

We’re still not even having a discussion. And while parking downtown is often cited as an obstacle to businesses- we’ve done nothing to work with parking lot owners to standardize signage- rates- as they’ve done in Cincy. This is also an issue I’ve talked about for years.

If you wonder why things don’t change downtown- maybe it’s because we don’t have people thinking about change, unless you call moving to 2 way streets a big idea.

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