Bumper stickers-

Saw a bumper sticker today; “If Kerry is the answer, it must be a stupid question”- not feeling up to a fight I avoided saying “If Bush is the answer- you must not question anything.”

It’s unfortunate that our political system has turned into a 2 option only system- and that we don’t have a none-of-the-above option.

This country deserves much brighter leadership- but I guess this is what we will get if we keep failing at educating our children, providing meaningful work, a living wage and adequate accessible health care.

The good news is- I was on my scooter- and the person with the bumper sticker was in a gas-guzzling boat- she won’t be able to afford to drive her sticker much longer.

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Daniel Greene

I don’t understand what raising the minimum wage has to do with bright leadership. Raising the minimum wage will lead the the abolition of low paying jobs. If you put it on a supply and demand curve (which I can’t draw in the WordPress comments), fix the price artificially high and keep the supply fixed, demand will fall. My point is you’ll lose a lot of entry-level positions in an attempt to make employers pay a ‘fair’ wage.

Daniel Greene

Read this article for more info.

David Esrati
David Esrati

Don’t give me that Republican Bull Shit.
If there was no need to adjust the minimum wage for entry level positions over the years- there would be no need to grant Congress raises every frickin year.
The wage gap between the rich and the poor- is getting to epic proportion. What happens soon is a revolution- anarachy- the fall of the country.
You can’t pay the head of a publically traded company something like 40 million plus in a year- while his employees are having a hard time making ends meet- like the guy in charge of Home Depot- or name any other major US corporation.
Profit is supposed to be a return for risk- yet what risks did Finbarr O’neil at Reynolds and Reynolds take leaving a failing car company (Mitsubishi) to come here and be a highly paid CEO- to cash in on a 9 million dollar windfall for taking the company private in less than 2 years?
He never invested any of his own money, risked his house, his savings- yet, he did manage to lay a bunch of people off.
Our system has been perverted- and if you keep drinking that supply side kool-aid and don’t wake up, all that you’ve worked hard for will end up lost- much like the aftermath of Katrina with people running wild and looting in the streets.
It’s time to realize that in order for there to be a successful top end to the economic building- the foundation has to be taken care of – or it all topples.

Daniel Greene

Those aren’t republicans talking there David, those are free market economists. Your eloquent argument is sadly devoid of meaningful content. Provide me one example of violent revolution truly consuming a free-market economy. My problem is that the current economy is not free-market enough and that the Republicans play games giving special tax breaks to their lobbyist buddies or restrict certain businesses from the market with games played with the law. Look at the ethanol subsidies, for example. There are better ways to more efficiently cut down on emissions.

So when we talk about foundations, please cite even ONE historical example of an economy that toppled where the fault didn’t completely lie in the GOVERNMENT devaluing the currency or playing other games with inflation, etc.

I’ll be waiting.

David Esrati
David Esrati

I agree that the market is free enough- and that the government intervenes in the wrong places- making the playing field uneven.
However, if you look at the number of foreclosures, the numbers of bankruptcy’s and the crazy interest rates and fees allowed to credit card companies who have been granted a license to steal- it all starts pointing to a growing class of people who will not be able to live the American dream.
The reality is- the free society only works when people believe that freedom is real- and that illusion is slipping away with the widening gap between rich and poor.
When gas prices hit $4 and $5 a gallon, and people can’t afford to get to work- to make the payments- the whole thing will begin to unravel.
We can’t continue to build roads and schools in Iraq- while ignoring responsibilities at home. As long as campaigns cost so much- and our politiicans are bought by the highest bidder- we’re headed for trouble.
We don’t need historical support- we just need to look at what is happening.
Does it make sense to spend almost a million dollars on a race for Mayor of Dayton- a $36,000 a year, part-time job? (Capizzi Turner- 1997).
It’s interesting how these conversations get moving- from a comment on a bumper sticker- to this-
if only more voters were this involved.


maybe you will see my bumper sticker someday. It reads ; My Bush would make a better president.