Breaking: Teradata to move to Austin Pike

A Teradata employee confirmed my rumor tweet last night: “Yes, apparently so!  We just heard this week.  The plan is to move by the end of the year but I don’t believe they have started the building yet!”

What the county promised wouldn’t happen- the cannibalization of existing business to the new “mecca” at Austin Road is now confirmed. Teradata’s facility isn’t even 10 years old- (maybe 5) and it’s time to move to a property owned by developers RG Properties. One has to wonder why there wasn’t a bid to try to move them back to the NCR HQ building- even along with UDRI- the building has to work for them- and it would help the region by:

  1. Returning high paying jobs to the central city
  2. not increasing the amount of commercial space (we’re overbuilt already)
  3. and of course, snubbing NCR who took GA money and ran.

Until we cut down the amount of vacant commercial space, there should be a moratorium on new- or require at least square foot foot for square foot demolition of old for permits to build new.

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