Biggest criminal in the “Culture of Corruption” case is the prosecutor: Higgins sentenced to 3 years in prison instead

Full disclosure: Brian Higgins was a client, became a friend and remains a friend. I sat through the entire 7 day trial, and have a much bigger picture of what happened than what was presented to the jury. The fact that the feds were prosecuting Higgins for insurance fraud, in Federal court, doing the biding of the mortgage company and insurance company (who were incompetent) was all that was allowed to be talked about made it much easier to make Higgins out to be a criminal. What was left out, was that the Feds were running a sting- and Higgins was an unknowing participant and helped them get to Dayton City Commissioner Joey D. Williams who accepted a $40K bribe of a patio enclosure on his home- and Roshawn Winburn who accepted bags of cash- so that that Williams, Winburn, Higgins and Mike Marshall (the dishonorably discharged veteran who was the front man of the sting) could form a demolition company to suck at the teat of a City that has torn down more than it has built up- making Mr. Steve Rauch (Marshall’s former boss) very rich.That the feds only indicted Black people should make your head spin- (with the exception of Rauch- who got off with a hand slap).

Today in US District Court, Judge Thomas Rose spent a few hours getting to the point about how Mr. Brian Higgins was a menace to society, costing us all in the form of higher insurance costs, higher mortgage costs and shaking the faith of the public in our financial system. He ended with sentencing Higgins to 3 years in prison, with 3 years post release probation, 40 hours of community service, $500 mandatory costs of $100 per count, and $84K in restitution to a mortgage company so crooked it had to change it’s name from Nationstar to Mr. Cooper.

This was met by with glee by AUSA Brent Tabacchi, who had most of his office is the gallery watching his great triumph of justice- in an investigation that ran for at least 6 years, cost millions, and net results of 6 piddly crimes by Black people and 1 really minor deal with Rauch. Higgins was the only one who went to trial- the rest did deals.

  • Rauch paid a $15K fine- a slap on the hand.
  • Joyce Cameron and her husband paid a fine and were embarrassed.
  • Clayton Luckie- a former felon and politician, did about 4 months in the Federal pen.
  • Roshawn Winburn- a former Huber Heights Councilman and former City employee- who accepted a bag of cash- is still waiting to go serve 6 months.
  • And the piece d’resistance- Former Dayton City Commissioner Joey D. Williams who took a bribe of a $40K patio built by Marshall- got a whole year- of which he only served 3 months before early release for Covid worries.

Higgins was the only one who wasn’t a public official or contractor with government money- and what should have been a civil suit between the insurance company, the mortgage company and Higgins- was instead Tabacchi’s big win.

What’s missing from all this is that the Feds- including Tabacchi, caught a sitting city commissioner committing a felony in office- and instead of arresting him and forcing him immediately from office, they turned him into a CI- and let him not only finish his term in office, but run for re-election with a deal that he would resign if re-elected, which he did- costing the taxpayers an election, and committing real election fraud.

Tabacchi was part of the biggest criminal enterprise in Dayton- and has yet to catch anyone else, or prosecute anyone else, using information garnered from Williams as a CI for almost 3 years.

Rose just played along.

Higgins probably sealed his faith when on Friday he posted a website with damning evidence of the Fed’s actions. He’d recorded his attorneys, discussions with the prosecutors where at one time, Tabacchi offered him the book of criminal indictments- and said “pick one- and plead guilty and we’ll make this all go away” (not an exact quote- but you get the point. Higgins had also recorded in Federal Court- which is a huge no-no. The name of the site? which is a subsection of his original site which was launched with a video of the same name, on April 3, 2019 just before Higgins and the others were arraigned on April 30, 2019.

Higgins claims that the City of Chicago, where he used to have a multi-million dollar contract to pick up dead bodies with the city, had hired a convicted sex offender, John Klazack, to take over his contract- and was engaging in a coverup of sex offenses against children in Chicago. Higgins had been trying to talk to the feds about this for years, and thought he was going in to present his binders of evidence on the day he was arrested on the insurance fraud charges. Despite lots of things being covered up in Chicago- and the FBI investigating multiple alderman for bribes and corruption, Higgins was ignored.

Full disclosure: I helped create the video, the website, and posting the information for Mr. Higgins. The video was actually edited by a former employee who’s real name is “John Smith”- and yes, the Feds served me with notice not to keep the discovery in the Higgins case which clearly identified Mr. Williams as a CI- which I wrote about back on Mar 1,  2020: and the rest of the Williams corruption story which they did not tell me to take down. The reason I’m pursuing a Freedom of Information Act case against the Feds for the tapes they played to the grand jury of Nan Whaley- before stopping and not asking the grand jury to indict her, were because other sources, not Higgins, known to me, were on the Grand Jury and told me the tapes exist. I believe that Whaley, like Williams is running for office as a CI as well, and the tapes will prove that she was as guilty as Williams for pay to play in Dayton.

I am an independent citizen journalist, with no protections other than the truth and the First Amendment. I’m also the Democratic candidate for Congress right now. I’ve spent hundreds of hours on following this case, writing about it, learning about it, and seeing how a Federal prosecutor and some FBI agents can break the law at will- failing to be held accountable for the crime of Misprision of a Felony. Until the truth comes out about Whaley, and the way the jury was spoon fed fragments of a story to present a case- without the full background, I will continue to pursue stories of corruption by our leaders who seem to think they are above the law.

I fully agree that what Brian Higgins did was wrong, but, compared to some of the other crimes in this case, or the story I covered where a local practicing attorney posted that he wanted to “put a bullet in the head” of a magistrate, and still hasn’t seen the inside of a jail cell- or been put on house arrest (like Higgins was), that Higgins was over charged, and Justice was intentionally insulted by the people who we trust to enforce the laws.


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