Bad agendas, hidden agendas, worthless agendas- are all the Party agenda

The Montgomery County Board of Elections is in the basement of the County Administration Building. Basements are notorious as places where it’s damp, dark and mold grows. Slimey mold.

So, despite the claims that the BOE always meets now at 11 a.m. (when they claimed I misrepresented the time of the proper William Pace denial on the ballot meeting)- they are meeting this Tuesday at 8:30 a.m.

And on the MC BOE 02.18.14 Agenda are these three innocuous items:

  • Motion to certify candidate petitions for the Primary Election
  • Motion on candidate’s petitions for the Primary Election that appear questionable
  • Motion on candidate’s petitions for the Primary Election that appear invalid

Notice how there is no list of who may be in trouble? What if the candidate wanted to know if he or she need to be there? To line up the people who signed the petition? Ah, screw you. Screw the sunshine laws. Let’s keep the public in the dark.

If you want a participatory democracy- you do it out in the open, with as much useful information as possible.

#FAIL Montgomery County Board of Elections.

Note, there should have been a document on the website the day petitions were closed, of every candidate who had filed. It didn’t show either. Here it is: MD BOE 2014 primary filed_1 Note- it was sent as a scan of a printout. I had to OCR it to make it accessible. Also missing is the list of Dems filing for Montgomery County Precinct Captains for the Democratic party.


update 4;45pm- the list of precinct captains. Only 5 contested precincts (including mine)  and a lot of empties. 2014 Democrat central committee all

Ah, if we were all mushrooms, we’d be worth millions- they like to keep us in the dark and feed us $h!t.

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Steve Brack

An argument could be made that the lack of specificity is, itself, a violation of Ohio’s Open Meetings law. For example, if a public body published a meeting agenda of:1) Call to order.2) Do stuff.3) Do other stuff.4) Adjournment… that public body wouldn’t actually be carrying out its duties under the law. The motions to accept or reject particular candidate petitions should, as I see it, be specifically stated.

Dale C
Dale C

I forgot that they also have mold problems at the BOE office.  Maybe that thing on Steve Hairsman’s head is not a glue on hair piece after all it is just a large crop of dark mold!  Are you going to do some research into how much money this legendary 600+ provisional ballot bungling  criminal has ripped the country off on bogus conference “vacation” travel?  I would love to know how much the board members let him spend wining and dining his secretary in his hotel room on his trip to Miami, FL.


What happened to Gary Leitzell? I thought he was running ror County Commission. Did he not get enough signatures? or did he just give up?

Gary Leitzell

My turn in date is May 5th. The day before the primary.