Art, strawberries and Roller Girls

Much as I think the Nutter Center made a huge mistake bumping their premier tenant, the Bombers, off tonight’s date for the Gem City Roller Girls– you can catch the roller derby action tonight. It’s fun and funky- not anywhere near as good as hockey- but, it’s something to do in Dayton.

For those of you looking for something more cultured- it’s First Friday at the Cannery- our little Art Hop. It’s heavy metal night with art by local metalsmith and South Park neighbor Hamilton Dixon. If you haven’t seen Hamilton’s sculpture- you are missing out.

Also, it’s Strawberry Festival time in Troy- so, haul the family out for a fun filled fest.

Today also kicked off the Dayton Independents’ ad campaign trying to encourage people to eat at non-chain restaurants. It’s something I make a conscious decision about every time I eat out. When I travel, I seek out local flavor- after all, I can get the exact same experience of a Cheesecake factory anywhere- so why not do the same here. Dayton has some incredible, unique, locally owned places. I try to write about them here.

Feel free to share your favorites in the comments section.

Happy Weekend!

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Phillip Ranly

What’s all involved in their campaign? Billboards? TV? Postcards? Website?

Just a few favorites: Joe’s Pizzeria, Tank’s, Elsa’s, Wine Gallery and of course #1 is always Coco’s. I can’t wait for Coco’s part 2 in SPark.

David Esrati
David Esrati

Phillip, all I’ve seen was an ad in the paper today.
This story Dayton Eateries start ad blitz says there will be a loyalty program and some sort of contest.
There aren’t that many restaurants participating- showing once again- the idea of strength in numbers still hasn’t taken hold in Dayton.

Bruce Kettelle

….some of that is simply a reluctance to spend money on something intangible like advertising.


Finding good restaurants, for me, is the best part of traveling. I need to get up to Dayton and go to the pub for my heart-attack-in-a-bowl.