“are you going to turn the lights on?”

When I get elected, it will be time to turn the lights back on at night on the basketball courts. The difference being, is that there will be adults there, and recreational leagues playing. We’ll feel safe to go over to the parks and watch our kids play their hearts out.

Unfortunately, tonight, when I stopped by to check on one of the nicest courts in the city- the new one on W. Third at the Roosevelt commons recplex- or whatever they call it, there was a lot of broken glass at the North East end. Someone had shot out, or broken the light- that never gets turned on. These lights haven’t been turned on since they opened the place, sending a message to our residents that you shouldn’t feel safe and welcome if you want to play some ball after it cools down. Really, the lights are just a cruel joke on people who already live on streets that have fewer street lights, get swept less, get patrolled less, but, now, we won’t be able to turn it on thanks to someone being a jerk. As I was hanging the net with the green bottom, at the North side, I asked the kids there if they’d seen who did it.

I even asked if they wanted to help me, I had a broom in the back of the car- they asked if I had a dustpan too- and soon, one of the youngsters was helping me out. He also stood the other trash can up and put some of the trash in it.

If you send the message that you will make sure the courts will be taken care of, it sends a message that there is value in the community that we want to serve, protect and help prosper. It may seem like a small gesture- putting up nets, but it’s one small gesture our current leadership failed to make.

I only hung two nets tonight, but I checked on 3 others to see if they were ok. Remember, if you see a rim without a net, call me at 937-985-1312 and I’ll be out. As of today, the video has 450 views, 13 likes, and 2 positive comments. Keep spreading the word please. Hoops Dayton is coming.

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