Are the people my slingshot? Are you?

Looking over the campaign finance reports from Mayor Rhine McLin and Commissioner Nan Whaley with a few people in the know- one thing sticks out: even people who don’t like them, give them money. Why- because, like it or not- money handed over to campaigns buys favors.

Between the two of them- they’ll have $100K to spend. I’m not going to match them- or even try. In fact, I’ve always said- spending more than $1,000 on a race for a part-time position in a City Manager form of government is almost scary.

If people don’t know who I am, or what I stand for, after all these times on the ballot- or, just that I’m not one of the ones that got us into the position we’re in- should be enough to get me elected.

Ah, but- I have baggage. I don’t play nice with the machine. I ask questions. I’m an outsider, who isn’t afraid to call things like I see them. For most, that would be a good thing. Around here- it scares people. In fact, the big money going to Nan and Rhine- is partially to make sure the “loose canon” doesn’t have a position to fire potshots at the charlatans who’ve stolen our fine city’s reputation and much of its wealth.

It’s the classic David and Goliath story- and, of course, I’m named David. If you read my Dad’s book– (that we give away on this site), you will realize that my father didn’t raise me like other kids. I was taught to believe in our form of government, but not to trust the system to abide by it. Our system of campaign finance and running elections has poisoned our government- all the way to the local level. It has helped widen the economic divide to a dangerous width. Trust in our government, and even the almighty dollar- globally, has fallen- all because we’ve allowed special interests to control our government.

I am the antidote. I am David with a slingshot- but, while I may have the stones, I lack the power of money to throw this message for effect.

If you wish to see change- it’s up to you to pass this on. To come out of the shadows and proudly say “I think David Esrati is the voice we need on the commission”- and to tell your friends. I don’t need $100K to do it- but I do need $10K. I need you to volunteer to walk and distribute door-hangers- I need people to stuff envelopes, make calls- and I need you to write a letter to the editor. Sign up for the newsletter on the right sidebar to volunteer.

Forward this on. Write a comment in support.

David needs help if Goliath is to fall.

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