Another inmate death in Phil Plummer’s Montgomery County Jail

Dillon Abplanalp mugshot- via the police reporter site

Sources tell me another inmate died of a drug overdose in the last 24 hours in the Montgomery County Jail.

This is despite Sheriff Plummer investing over $100K in a body scanner to stop the flow of drugs into the jail.

Dillon Abplanalp, age 28, who is listed to vote in Springfield, and has had previous drug arrests- as far back as 2009, and minor cases in Dayton for panhandling and solicitation in 2016.

Since the Jail removes records of persons in custody after a death quickly, I had to rely on a janky site to get the following info:

Dillon Abplanalp was Arrested  in Montgomery County on 01/14/2018

Arrest Information
Full Name: Dillon Abplanalp
Time: 8:21 PM
Arresting Agency: MORAINE PD
Arrest Location:1800 W DOROTHY, Montgomery, OH
Personal Information
Arrest Age:28
Gender: Male
Birthdate: 04/02/1989
Height: 5’09”
Weight: 160 lbs
Hair Color: BLACK
Considering he’d been in jail almost a week before overdosing, and the jail staff was unable to resuscitate him, there are still serious, unresolved problems in the Montgomery County Jail.
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inmates die every day across the country of the same nonsense. They are smuggling dope into prisons and jails. This is like the regular overdoses on the streets, if you are stupid enough to use heroin or fentanyl then you know the consequences. does it really matter where you OD at any more? should the jail have a OD room to put inmates in if they take some smuggled dope? I know liberals cities are advocating for rooms you can go to where a nurse is there in case you OD. What a waste of taxpayer money. You are stretching on this one to blame Plummer. Just my opinion.


How many inmates die yearly at Montgomery county jail? If it’s numerous, it’s a problem. Why take them off the streets for drugs if the jails have drugs. We can’t allow inmates to be more wise than the jail. Sad to lose life. No matter how or why.


Plus the body scanner isn’t in use at the jail yet. News said it will be shortly. Inmates die for various reasons, mostly due to conditions that they were brought to jail with. Criminals will be criminals, if they want the dope they will find a way. Another solution might be the wood chipper option. Repeat drug offenders get the side door straight into the wood chipper chute. Problems solved.


Tracy you’re an idiot. Maybe go take a dose.

No Story Here
No Story Here

Dear all five people who read this,
I would like to apologize on behalf of this blogger for spinning yet another “Phil Plummer” non-story in to a misleading and inaccurate representation of fact. He really has no fanbase, therefore he must resort to this type of nonsensical clickbait in the hopes that someone … ANYONE … might read it. The body scanner is not even in use in the jail, yet he still tries to portray it as an ineffective waste of taxpayer money. He also tries to paint the same tired “conspiracy theory” picture of a deletion of records, yet in the same sentence he acknowledges that he is getting his intel from a third party website … a website that in reality gets data feeds from the jail and other area law enforcement databases. This poor guy is desperate, folks.

Ice Bandit

…like the Old Bandito’s sainted and grey haired old granny was so fond of saying, “play stupid games, win stupid prizes”…


[…] The jail still has people dying in custody, and the task force that was supposed to fix things has done nothing. In the meantime, the county keeps paying to settle lawsuit after lawsuit, and Phil Plummer thinks he’s the best candidate to run for state representative. […]