Another almost meaningless election day- Vote anyway

Because running for office has become prohibitively expensive, because our two major political parties have succeeded in stifling third-party options for so long and because even our “primary” system forces us to reduce the number of choices down to a minimum- elections like this are largely pointless and about as undemocratic as they come. Independent voters are forced to sit on the sidelines- only getting to vote on issues and levies.

Mostly- we see issues that are on a ballot- where it is hoped that low turnout will give better chances at passing something a majority would veto- like school levies and the like.

Today the City of Dayton is trying to pass 4 seemingly innocuous charter changes–  I’m going to vote No on 15, 16, and 17. 18 is a yes.

The State Issues- 1 is to issue debt (which ultimately the taxpayers are liable for- even though they claim “no new taxes”) to allow politicians to play venture capitalists and invest in their friends’ businesses as “economic development.” I say keep government out of the venture capitalism business and vote NO.

State Issue 2 is to help the casino people change their last state constitutional amendment so they can move a casino. I say if it’s voted into the constitution- it must be too important to change. Sorry casino owners- you dug your hole- now lie in it. No on issue 2.

Unfortunately we don’t get a primary for the House on the Dem side- but if you are voting for a Republican- give Rene Oberer the nod since she can’t be more of a fraud than Mike Turner. She’ll get hammered anyway- but it may wake Turner up.

For Senate the Dems get a chance to pick between current Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner (who hasn’t been doing her job for the last year due to campaigning) and Lee Fisher- Lt. Governor (who hasn’t been doing his job for the last year due to campaigning and sucking up to PACs for money). What good is a primary without contests? Exactly. I recommend voting for Brunner who has been marked with a red letter by the Dem party for challenging their puppet candidate Fisher. The money runs at least 100 to 1- which is proof that Fisher is representing interests other than yours. The winner will face Republican golden boy Rob Portman in the fall- and have a hard time competing with his slickness.

Unfortunately- County Commissioner Dan Foley gets a hall pass- as do most other positions- without opposition. Same old people- same old system- same old results.

Happy Election Day! Please remember to take your ID- and be warned- your polling place may have changed.

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