Announcing Esrati for Congress

The Montgomery County Democratic Party failed to endorse a candidate to run for Ohio’s 3rd Congressional District, to challenge Republican Mike Turner last night.

Although Jane Mitakides asked for the endorsement, the “Central Committee” seems to think that there should be a primary in this race, while not allowing primaries in other races.

I will turn in petitions before January 4 and run as a Democrat.

My platform is simple:

I believe the average resident of the 3rd District is more afraid of being foreclosed on, going bankrupt, or facing usurious interest rates and fees by our currently unregulated banking industry than being attacked by Osama Bin Laden.

I believe that all citizens of the United States should have access to first world health care, without paying 4x more than any other industrialized nation.

I believe that an educated public is critical to continuation of our way of life- and that access to adequately funded public schools, with a longer and more rigorous school year is mandatory.

I believe that in order to remain competitive, we must have a digital infrastructure that is capable of delivering at least the same data rates as Finland and S. Korea.

I believe that the stock market is for long term investing, not a casino for wagering.

I believe that for a CEO to earn over a million a year, they must deliver value to their shareholders, or take the company private. I also believe that ratios between lowest paid and highest paid workers need to be in place unless the company is privately held, or owned by the workers. There cannot be rewards for laying off employees, outsourcing jobs to third world nations, while our citizens can’t afford homes.

I believe that banks cannot continue to allow consumers access to credit and hike interest rates and fees at the same time. No American should be subject to interest rates of 29%

I believe that we must invest in our country, before we spend another dime in Iraq or Afghanistan. It’s time to bring our troops home. We owe the people of Iraq an apology for President George W. Bush’s rash and unwarranted invasion. Only with support of other Arab countries and members of OPEC, shall we remain there to stabilize the country.

I believe America must invest in alternative energy, mass transit, and reward companies that encourage employees to live within walking distance. We must end sprawl and the associated costs. It is time to eliminate all corporate welfare except that which encourages progressive, sound development of walking communities to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

I believe that the value of the dollar must be restored. This can be achieved through trade policies that don’t contribute to the loss of American jobs to overseas sweatshops and environmentally detrimental production facilities.

Lastly, I believe in the power of transparency in Government, and will promise to share and work with my constituents through this website, to make sure that they are well represented by an honest candidate. I will not accept any money from corporations, lobbyists, PACs etc. I hope to run a clean, honest campaign based on the power of my ideas and my personal integrity. Because I am still a working class populist candidate, I may not be able to dedicate the time knocking on doors, kissing babies or wasting time in what passes for a debate these days.

Please, review the ideas of the last 3 years posted on this site- and ask questions through the comments. I will attempt to build a platform that best suites the people of the Ohio 3rd and bring an independent, honest voice to Washington for you.

Thank you.

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Good luck, son.
Run, David, run!

Charles Halton

Just tell me when and how I can contribute. All the best!


You used “usurious” … and you’re running against Mike Turner … where do I sign? ;-)

David Esrati
David Esrati

Thank you Charles, we’ll have more information in the next few days, along with a campaign treasurer and a way to accept donations online.
As to my Dad- thank you for teaching me the difference between right and left, right and wrong, and what our rights are. I hope I can bring some of them back after the last four years of Mike Turner rubber stamping Bush policy.


Woo. Go, fearless leader!


Wow! A candidate with integrity I can vote for! Go David!


huzzah! Just tell me how I can help! :D

Mike Bock

David, Congratulations for making this decision. January and February could be very interesting months. I think it is important to state what you stand for and to articulate ideas you believe in. But this election should be all about Mike Turner’s record and the question should be “Has Mike Turner voted in such a way that he represented you?” A public that was informed and educated about the issues and about Turner’s voting record, I believe, would vote to fire Turner for his incompetent and unwise actions.

Your campaign should show that you are a thoughtful person with good ideas — but the thrust of your campaign should be: Here is why you should be mad as hell at Turner. This would not be a matter of negative campaigning; it would be a matter of educating the public. During Harry Truman’s campaign, at his meetings people would call out, “Give em hell, Harry.” Truman said he wasn’t giving them hell — he was simply telling the truth and they thought it was hell.

Give em hell, David.


That’s a great Truman quote, but I dunno, it’s kind of a dangerous situation when you get to talking about the other candidates.

People do need to be educated about turner, but a lot of people are sensitive to political badmouthing (whether the intention was malicious or to educate) i know I am, and I generally automatically dislike everyone who talks negatively about their opponents, even if I generally agree with what they’re saying. Plus, It’ll give the republicans more of an excuse to dislike and not listen to David. I know my family is like that. They’re painfully republican in the first place, but if the Dems (or anyone else) dare badmouth anything republican, it is constant badmouthing and hate for the rest of their time in the spotlight, so that’s something to consider too. I’m sure he wants to get the Republicans on his side too, as he wants to help THEM as well, not to alienate them, and you know how defensive people are about their parties.

Maybe you can start a separate “Truth about Mike Turner” campaign, Mike ;)

David Esrati
David Esrati

I will have to research Turners record- as far as I know, he only broke with GWB on the SCHIP. The only legislation he managed to pass with his name on it was to force the Architect of the Capital to put the word “God” on flag certificates.
That’s real important to the good workers at the Moraine Assembly plant who are about to lose their jobs while GM execs routinely pull down millions for running a company into the ground.
It’s also real important to Dayton Public School children who have had extra-curricular activities cut while we can build new schools in Iraq. Remind me how many Iraqis pay the IRS please?
I will need volunteers to help focus my campaign- and research where Turners votes were bought and sold. I don’t expect too much support from MTC, the defense contractor- that Turner worked for, before he became their gravy train on the Armed Services Committee.
Thank you all. More to come.

David Esrati
David Esrati

If you are a registered Democrat; and voted in the last Democratic primary, and live in Ohio 3, with Mike Turner as your congressman, and would like to sign my petition, please feel free to stop by 100 Bonner Street today.
It takes 500 signatures to file for Dayton City Commission- it only takes a tenth of that to run for Congress. Go figure.
I’d be honored to have my readers be on my nominating petitions.
Thank you for the support.

Mike Bock

I think an effective campaign is one that would focus a voter’s mind on why Mike Turner should be rejected as their representative. There are a lot of citizens who habitually vote Republican who are very perturbed at their current Republican leadership. They think is ridiculous and dangerous that under a Republican congress the national debt increased by $3 trillion. Hasn’t Turner been part of the whole juggernut of Republican incompetence that brought this all about? Why would you keep a financial adviser who has managed you so far into debt that your situation is dangerous. Wouldn’t a good Republican want to fire that incompetent manager? I think there are a lot of voters in the 3rd District, who normally would vote Republican who can be persuaded to vote Democratic as a protest vote. These Republican voters, it seems to me, are more likely to vote Democratic as an expression of protest more than they are likely to vote Democratic for any other reason.


I might switch parties to vote for you (I probably should switch anyway).

Let me know where I can get a bumper sticker at least.


Congratulations and good luck! Always thought you would make a great leader…where there is a real need.

Keep me posted…

Allison in Miami


I had a dream about this last night. You have all of my support in this journey! Best of luck.


David Esrati is not a leader. His value exists only in his head. He can’t survive outside of the the VERY small world that is Dayton, Ohio.


The advantage of living in America, Truth, is that anyone can be a leader, if they have the passion, and dedication to serve their fellow citizens. I’d say skill, but looking at our current representatives, that’s obviously optional.

If you have such low regards of dayton and daytonians, thinking that we can’t survive outside this city, and can’t participate in our government, i hope to GOD you don’t live here, and if you do, I certainly hope you’re not a leader in any sense of the word. Leaders are here to empower the people they lead, not tear them down.

normally i don’t reply to flaming or drama, but this was just too stupid to pass up :p.

big kisses, truth. ;-*

David Esrati
David Esrati

Thank you. I couldn’t have said it better myself.
My role as a “leader” is to make sure that I represent my constituents and their best interests. I will do it by keeping lines of communication open- and suffering fools as well as taking my licks from smart sages.
Frankly, it’s about ideas- and “Truth” didn’t bring any to our little party. You did. And that’s what it’s all about.


Good luck!


David – you know you have my respect and admiration, and now my support, primarily because of your courage to be honest and a genuine willingness to help others and your community. I will probably experience some of that good ‘old passive-aggressive punishment and usual manipulation from those within my family, but considering how much I’ve struggled to overcome the powers to be and actually doing something with my business here in Dayton, and failed to overcome the obstacles that most people have firmly planted in their small brains, I could really care less. I’ve already made my decision to move anyway.

I’ve met Mike Turner and his wife and they seem to be very nice people, so I really don’t have anything against him personally. My beef is with how business is conducted amongst the elitists here in Dayton – back room deals, blacklisting, railroading, etc., etc. But here’s the kicker, and is something you should consider – the elitists thrive on both sides of the political spectrum and basically use the same techniques and modus operandi – whether they be the harumph-harumph, pompous [email protected]#hole crowd at the country clubs, or the silver-spoon-and-paper-plates, anti-business, pro-litigation !#@holes most often found in academia, law and government.

In fact one could reasonably argue that the elitists on both margins have pretty much hijacked the political process here in the United States.

I see as you neither (that’s a compliment) and I’d hate to see your efforts and intentions ridiculed by one, and quietly brushed aside by the other. Inherently you are an entrepreneur with initiative and integrity with a desire not to be beholden to any one person or group. I actually see you as more of a libertarian or independent, but I could be wrong.

Anyway, you have my support. I just hope it doesn’t hurt your efforts. Change needs to happen, everywhere. However, the most beneficial change is often the most painful, at least it looks that way at first. If anyone can make it happen here locally, it’s you.

Mark Fineberg
Mark Fineberg

Congratulations. You just have to do it. Good luck and keep me posted.


Michael Pummell
Michael Pummell

All the best, remember to be patient. Remember to be positive toward those who can help. And never judge those who don’t meet your expectations. It’s a bitter road and you will always need a good ally.



Dave, could you furnish some background information for the portion of the publc that knows little about you outside what the DDN reports? I know alot about Mike Turner, he’s an East-Sider, went to Belmont High School, Ohio Northern University, U.D. Business School- ect. What is the David Esrati story?


Wow! Who better than you? Best of luck. You were born to do this.

David Esrati
David Esrati

Pedro- Turner has his JD from Case Western University. I’m pretty sure he never attended UD.
I have an old bio on the old campaign site- I’ll have a new updated one up soon- but here you go:
There is more to add- I’ve got 6 Hermes awards now- founding member of
new dog- but, thanks for asking.
This site will get an overhaul soon- to look more “Congressional”


David, I am ambivilant about your political effort here for one reason.

And that is the service you provide with this blog, as one of the very few that blog on urban affairs here in Dayton, by someone who actually lives in the city and has some connection to the local scene, political and otherwise.

I fear we will be losing this as you will be addressing national politics now, with the Congressional primary run.

In any case, good luck. I will probably be making a donation when you get your campaign account set up.

BTW, here is a link to the Buckeye State Blog (which I think is some sort of political blog) post on your announcement:

David Esrati
David Esrati

Hi Jeff,
If elected we’d be represented by David Esrati (D) Dayton instead of Michael Turner (R) Centerville. Don’t worry- I’ll keep the local stuff going- and use categories to keep them separate.
Saw the Buckeye State Blog post when it went up- my dashboard in WordPress alerts me to incoming links). Thanks.
And- when you get right down to it- good local themes make good national ones. Health care costs affect GM here locally- where they claim it adds $1500 to each new vehicle. Tax abatements for companies moving from here to there have to be stopped at a national level. It’s all connected.
But, don’t worry- it’s highly unlikely I’ll be running after the primary anyway, and that’s only 80 or so days away.


I admire your initiative, motivation, and integrity, David. I wish you all the best in this endeavor. Be articulate, honest, stick to the facts, and run a clean campaign. You have my vote.




Best of luck to you. I have always respected your integrity and honesty and willingness to stand up to corruption in government and the community. You have my full support and encouragement. I am anxious to hear how this journey goes for you…



David, not sure how much support you need from Miami, but you got it. Good luck.

J.R. Locke

Well I guess you miss a week you miss a lot! Mr. Esrati best of luck! Although I am registered in the 4th district I would love to help out.


This is great!