Announcing Esrati for Congress

The Montgomery County Democratic Party failed to endorse a candidate to run for Ohio’s 3rd Congressional District, to challenge Republican Mike Turner last night.

Although Jane Mitakides asked for the endorsement, the “Central Committee” seems to think that there should be a primary in this race, while not allowing primaries in other races.

I will turn in petitions before January 4 and run as a Democrat.

My platform is simple:

I believe the average resident of the 3rd District is more afraid of being foreclosed on, going bankrupt, or facing usurious interest rates and fees by our currently unregulated banking industry than being attacked by Osama Bin Laden.

I believe that all citizens of the United States should have access to first world health care, without paying 4x more than any other industrialized nation.

I believe that an educated public is critical to continuation of our way of life- and that access to adequately funded public schools, with a longer and more rigorous school year is mandatory.

I believe that in order to remain competitive, we must have a digital infrastructure that is capable of delivering at least the same data rates as Finland and S. Korea.

I believe that the stock market is for long term investing, not a casino for wagering.

I believe that for a CEO to earn over a million a year, they must deliver value to their shareholders, or take the company private. I also believe that ratios between lowest paid and highest paid workers need to be in place unless the company is privately held, or owned by the workers. There cannot be rewards for laying off employees, outsourcing jobs to third world nations, while our citizens can’t afford homes.

I believe that banks cannot continue to allow consumers access to credit and hike interest rates and fees at the same time. No American should be subject to interest rates of 29%

I believe that we must invest in our country, before we spend another dime in Iraq or Afghanistan. It’s time to bring our troops home. We owe the people of Iraq an apology for President George W. Bush’s rash and unwarranted invasion. Only with support of other Arab countries and members of OPEC, shall we remain there to stabilize the country.

I believe America must invest in alternative energy, mass transit, and reward companies that encourage employees to live within walking distance. We must end sprawl and the associated costs. It is time to eliminate all corporate welfare except that which encourages progressive, sound development of walking communities to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

I believe that the value of the dollar must be restored. This can be achieved through trade policies that don’t contribute to the loss of American jobs to overseas sweatshops and environmentally detrimental production facilities.

Lastly, I believe in the power of transparency in Government, and will promise to share and work with my constituents through this website, to make sure that they are well represented by an honest candidate. I will not accept any money from corporations, lobbyists, PACs etc. I hope to run a clean, honest campaign based on the power of my ideas and my personal integrity. Because I am still a working class populist candidate, I may not be able to dedicate the time knocking on doors, kissing babies or wasting time in what passes for a debate these days.

Please, review the ideas of the last 3 years posted on this site- and ask questions through the comments. I will attempt to build a platform that best suites the people of the Ohio 3rd and bring an independent, honest voice to Washington for you.

Thank you.

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