And then the calls and emails stop….

Many of us will be relieved after Tuesday. No more robocalls, no more constant emails hitting us up for another donation and TV commercials reappear with screaming car dealers and talking babys.

Our election process has been corrupted by money. It won’t stop until not only is “Citizens United” overturned, but also that we publicly fund campaigns and limit the length of the process.

But, I want to know why do we not get regular emails from the president, or any other elected leader other than election season? Aren’t they supposed to be our representatives? Why can’t we have contests to have dinner with the president and why isn’t he visiting Ohio at least once a year while he’s in office and not- running?

Why is the only time we hear from out leadership when they want something?

And, where are their blogs, their tweets and their interaction while they are actually in a position to communicate for us?

It’s time that all politicians should have to write a “what we did in Congress/the White House or even the city commission” today piece so that there is not only a record- but a chance to get feedback from those they represent.

What do you think?

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