And the truth will set you free- (just don’t record our screening meetings)

I’m faced with a dilemma. The Dayton Daily News editorial board wants to meet with the three candidates for the primary next Wednesday at 11am.

I believe that deliberative meetings concerning the endorsement of candidates are as important, or maybe even more important than the deliberations of elected officials which are supposed to be held in public.

I had asked the DDN to allow the meeting to be open to the public, which was denied. I then asked to video it, which was denied. Then I asked to make a recording- suitable for podcast. That was approved, pending the ok’s of the other candidates.

I thought I had won a small victory for the people. Especially since Jane Mitakides had told me that she records every single speech she makes so as to have a record. Yet now, the DDN tells me that Jane doesn’t want a tape made.

I can’t imagine what could be said in one of these meetings that isn’t fit for public consumption. I also don’t understand what a candidate has to hide. If you can’t answer a few journalists on the record before you are elected, how can you be expected to answer after?

I could boycott the meeting on principle, however that would only hurt my chances at getting my ideas heard. I’m not a huge fan of the newspapers editorial board, from past experiences with different editors, I don’t recall any particularly insightful questions or a grasp of the issues.

The fact that the DDN doesn’t tell the candidates with recording phobias to stay home says they haven’t quite grasped how the Internet changes the landscape.

Should I go? Or should I stand my ground? I know what my gut says- and is pretty much hinted at in the first YouTube spot. I need your advice?

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