And I said- don’t do anything like a movie review…

I’m probably going to make a mistake here- but, I just rented “Man of the Year” with Robin Williams- and highly recommend it.

Could John Stewart take a pay cut and be our next president? Unlikely. But, if you don’t think that celebrities are the next big thing in politics- you haven’t been paying attention. First with Jesse Ventura as Governor of Minnesota, then Arnold Schwarzenegger as Governor of California.

When I ran for office (up until the last time) I refused contributions- I skipped signs, buttons, bumper stickers, hats, tv commercials, radio commercials- and self funded campaign literature. My only mistake, I wasn’t famous.

Now that I’m infamous, I’m often told- “yeah, I voted for you” or “I would have voted for you”- or “aren’t you the crazy one”- and yet it comes down to one thing- and one thing only in modern American politics- it’s all about the money.

Go rent “Man of the Year”- have a few laughs, but then realize that the reason it’s funny- as is so often the case- is because most of what “Tom Dobbs” (Robin Williams) is saying- is exactly what we refuse to face: Our politicians are the best politicians money can buy.

And, please- don’t skewer me if you hate it.

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