After 1 year: Denver B-cycle bikes success

While Denver is still working out a few kinks with the touch screens- that weren’t as touch sensitive as they should be, and a bit of confusion with the rate system- the roll out of 500 bikes has made an impact:

Word spread. People grasped the economic and environmental benefits. More and more red bikes began to pop up on the city streets as people rode to work, to Rockies games, and along the Cherry Creek bike path.

In the seven months since it launched April 22, Denver B-cycle hit nearly 103,000 rides, selling 1,784 annual memberships and more than 32,900 short-term memberships….

How much has it saved?

Based on a survey that suggested 43.16 percent of Denver B-cycle rides replaced car trips, the program resulted in some big environmental and economic benefits:

pounds of carbon emissions avoided

pounds of toxic air pollutants avoided

gallons of gasoline not used (at a savings of $41,256)

Estimated savings on car parking

via Denver B-cycle bikes on break until March 1 – The Denver Post.

And while momentum here is low- despite being a part of the Downtown Dayton Plan, I’m still working to bring BCycle to Dayton.

With the support of WSU President David Hopkins and UD President Dan Curran- we should be able to get the momentum on track if we could get some of our “leaders” to understand that this would be good for Dayton.

Sometimes I think that the pushback is purely because no one can admit that Esrati can come up with viable, cost effective ways to change perception of Dayton and make us more competitive. Of course, after reading the crap in the Dayton Daily News (they can’t print my name without something negative or derogatory) it makes things a little harder.

Anyone else want to go lobby the hospital chiefs to sponsor a community health initiative that gives them better visibility than any ad program, and makes them look good while doing good?

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