Acting Dayton Public Superintendent feels need to single out

Before I started video recording board meetings- other than the business meeting, being able to review what happened at a board meeting was a hit/miss affair. The board would record, not livestream, and post to a wonky video hosting service days later that cost them big bucks.

Now, they video some of the review meetings, livestream all business meetings and post to YouTube– which doesn’t cost anything at all.

They even started using microphones at the stupid extra meetings they hold in the room outside the board room- so we can actually hear (and so Board member Sheila Taylor can hear as well).

What they don’t do well, is follow their agenda, which they have a hard time posting on time (again, using expensive proprietary board docs software) in a mostly non-ADA compliant fashion.  Sometimes, they try to pull a fast one- like when board attorney Jyllian Bradshaw outright lied to the board about their rights to review a marketing contract- and I had to correct her- risking being thrown out.

So, here is another non-ADA compliant document (the copy I downloaded and am posting, I did text recognition on so it would be compliant), being snuck in with other policy- outlining board policy on “BROADCASTING AND TAPING OF BOARD MEETINGS”

thumbnail of video policy dps

Converted DPS document into a proper ADA compliant format. Video Policy

Photographic and electronic audio and video broadcasting and recording devices may be used at regular and special Board meetings legally open to the public according to the following guidelines.
1. Persons interested in taking photographs, broadcasting or recording board meetings should notify the Board of their interest in doing so.
2. Persons operating cameras, broadcasting and/or recording devices must do so with a minimum of disruption to those present at the meeting. Specifically, the view between Board members and the audience must not be obstructed, interviews must not be conducted during the meeting and no commentary is to be given in a manner that distracts Board members or the audience.
3. The Board has the right to halt any recording that interrupts or disturbs the meeting. The Board may make the necessary arrangements to make audio and/or video recordings of all regular meetings and any special meeting that it deems appropriate.
(Approval date: January 17, 2017)
[ Anticipated re-approval date: January 16, 2018] LEGAL REFS.: U.S. Const. Amend. I
ORC 121.22
2911.21 (criminal trespass)
2917.12 (disturbing a lawful meeting)
2921.31 (obstructing official business)
3313.20(A) (3313.20 Rules – locker search policy – professional meetings.) ie((A) The board of education of a school district or the governing board of an educational service center shall make any rules that are necessary for its government and the government of its employees, pupils of its schools, and all other persons entering upon its school grounds or premises. Rules regarding entry of persons other than students, staff, and faculty upon school grounds or premises shall be posted conspicuously at or near the entrance to the school grounds or premises, or near the perimeter of the school grounds or premises, if there are no formal entrances, and at the main entrance to each school building. CROSS REFS.: BD, School Board Meetings
BDDH, Public Participation at Board Meetings (Also KD)

Frankly, we can call number 2 and 3 the “David Esrati” rules- because, 1) No one else other than the press records their meetings. 2) the press doesn’t care if they say or do stupid things and break the law.

Again, timing of this issue is suspect, considering the new board may not even opt to keep the acting superintendent.

As to “disturbing a lawful meeting- I’d say their claim to that went out the window after April 5, 2017 when they failed to act upon information I produced showing Dr. Adil Baguirov didn’t live in the district.

See ORC 3301.03  Board members to be qualified electors

Unfortunately for the schools, while the right to hold meetings without interruption may be codified by law- so is the right of free speech, which is in the constitution. When you want to break your own rules, lie or cheat- and expect people to just sit and be quiet, you don’t really understand how messy democracy can and was meant to be.

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