A vote for Studebaker is a vote against Mike Turner

Mike Turner is no Tony Hall.

And- after our congressional district was gerrymandered into a complete cluster-duck, it will take an act of God to unseat him.

Instead of having to buy media in one market- Dayton- the 3rd District now requires media buys in Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus and Chillicothe- which makes it almost impossible to take unless Turner abdicates, dies or is caught with his fingers in the cookie jar.

The democratic challenger is Stephanie Studebaker- she will need all the help she can get- she has just been made a finalist in a competition to win a national endorsement from America’s largest grassroots organization, Democracy for America (DFA). If Stephanie wins this endorsement it will translate into national press coverage and financial support.

You can help Stephanie win this endorsement right now by voting online for her at:http://tools.democracyforamerica.com/housevote/

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