A “smart convention” in Dayton?

I try to surround myself with smart people. Or as author Sally Hogshead writes in her book, “Radical Careering“- “Radical Truth 15: Aspire to be the dumbest person in the room.”

I know some of you are saying I shouldn’t find that too hard, but then again- I’m not in the room with you, am I?

David Bowman is one of my smart friends- and his post about What’s Next after NCR is worth a read:

This city has so many talented people, many of them seeking their next opportunity. It may well be that the next opportunity does not come in the form of a fancy, big corporate gig, but rather in the form of a start up or an innovative small business. The talent pool is deep, the time is right, and the cost of living in Dayton is low – making it possible to live a comfortable life without having to make ridiculous sums of money. It is a great place for innovators to deliver innovation – for creators to create. It also appears that the timing to be this kind of place might be perfect. Why?

Read the rest at: What Next? | davidebowman.

It got me thinking-  as you see in my comment:

Maybe it’s time to host a “Smart” convention- rally the smart people- put on TED like talks about their cool things going on, and start people thinking about how many brilliant thinkers we have here, instead of sounding like a bunch of out-of-work autoworkers, or pink-slipped middle managers.
Long ago I suggested the Dayton Daily start publishing the patents awarded in the region- like they do in Austin. Instead, we’ve got the jail blotter.
If we want to change things- first we have to change our own perceptions.
Anyone in on this with me?

So, I’m looking for people willing to help organize, fast, quick and dirty- a one day symposium, ala TED, where our “smart” people present quick 15-minute sessions about the breakthrough ideas they are working on, the cool technology, the big picture stuff.

We’ll need a room, so if anyone from Sinclair, WSU or UD wants to host- or even the City at the Convention Center- or Hara Arena (home of the ultimate geek fest- Hamvention). Drop a comment. Let’s put our smartest people forward- people like David Gasper with his PicsMartch software, John Smith of Recharged Particles with  his pickle liquor recycling process- and reaffirm that Dayton not only has talent, things are happening here. Plus, I can’t imagine a better networking event.

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