A sad day for justice in America

I don’t want to live in a society where guns are considered necessary. The wild west is nice in movies, but, I’ve never considered gunslinging to be an honorable profession. George Zimmerman was a gunslinger, and somehow vigilante justice just got a hall pass- and I don’t like it.

When it comes to most things, I’ve got great disdain for amateurs, wanna be’s and poseurs. I don’t feel safer that a lot more people are packing heat after a 12 hour course and some rudimentary background check. Guns, to me, aren’t a hobby, or a collectible or even a prized possession- they’re made for killing, and quite frankly, killing gets glamorized way too much in this country. There’s noting romantic about killing- and even in wartime, often the people doing the shooting aren’t the people who should be dying.

Trayvon Martin shouldn’t be dead. Wearing a hoodie, being black, shouldn’t be an invitation for anyone, to harass, question, or shoot you. Something is wrong with our justice system when a man with a gun, who was told by the police dispatcher to stay away and to stay in his car, disregards those instructions and starts a tussle. Instigating a fight isn’t a license to “stand your ground”- instigating a fight and then feeling inadequate isn’t an excuse to shoot someone.

I doubt George Zimmerman will live to be old enough to have a son that reaches Trayvon’s final age. It’s cases like this that prove we have a legal system, not a justice system and that there is a big difference between the two. But, I have no doubt that karma will come calling to Mr. Zimmerman- either by his own hand or someone elses, the circle will come around.

If George Zimmerman was half the man he wished he was, he’d do us all a favor and bow out gracefully. He must know that had he listened to the police, Trayvon would still be alive, and he wouldn’t be the poster child for idiot of the century award.

He may have beat the system today, but the system is about to get tested, and it’s not going to be pretty.

It’s a sad day for America. A vigilante just got a gold star for killing an innocent man. I think we need to do better, or this isn’t the America we thought it was.

First Florida gave the world George W. Bush, now they give us George Zimmerman. Maybe we should just make DC or Puerto Rico a state and jettison Florida?

I hope there is an appeal, for all of our sakes. Peace.

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Martin’s parents will now sue Zimmerman, who will lose.

Pat Offenberger
Pat Offenberger
A vigilante got a gold star for killing an innocent man? So, after a court trial of a couple of weeks, with a jury hearing testimony, and it’s not the end result you wanted, it’s not justice?   You choose to cite one illogical statement often heard during this case, that Zimmerman “disregarded the instructions of a police dispatcher?” That troubles me, because the “instructions” of a 911 operator carry the same weight as mine would if I told you to quit breathing. And, since you certainly followed the case, based on your judgement that they got it wrong, you surely heard the 911 tape. And if you did, you surely could distinguish that Zimmerman was breathing hard PRIOR to being told that by the 911 operator, and returned to normal breathing after being told that by the dispatcher.   It’s not illegal to follow someone through a gated community, whether you’re Zimmerman or a 90 year old lady.   Testimony in the trial tended to support Zimmerman’s version of the events of that evening, based on what witnesses observed. Jurors heard the evidence, and even asked for clarification of what constituted manslaughter. If that was a charge the prosecution wanted on the table from the start, why wasn’t that included on the charge sheet. Nobody forced them to charge for just 2nd degree murder, but then, when the course of the trial showed their case was in serious trouble, after the case had been argued simply on 2nd degree murder, they included the manslaughter charge at the last minute. No wonder the jury couldn’t decide to convict on manslaughter, they didn’t know what elements had to be proven for them to convict of a lesser charge.   The state’s own witnesses weakened their case, and hurling insulting term to describe Zimmerman makes your argument weak. So, anyone who carries a firearm is now a “gunslinger” and a “wanna be?” I’m willing to bet that George Zimmerman is much like every person I know who has a concealed carry permit, and carries for self defense. They pray that they’ll never… Read more »
Rick Kaczmarek
Rick Kaczmarek

David, you are either misinformed or lying.  
The FACTS are these.  George Zimmerman had already left his car when the public safety dispatcher inquired if he was following the person he had reported.  George had followed the person to find out where they went, so that he could direct the police to that location. This is exactly what every reasonable responsible community member would do.  I have done it, and so have you.  When we have reason to believe someone or some activities pose a threat to our community, we do something about it.  The facts tell us Zimmerman called the non emergency number and reported it, asking for the police to check it out.  The person who aroused Zimmerman’s suspicions left his sight.  In order for it not to be YET ANOTHER case of the police showing up, not being able to find the person and thus not being able to do ANYTHING to help this besieged community, Zimmerman went off in the direction Martin had walked, to see what he could see.  There is no evidence Zimmerman intended to do anything else.  When the operator thought she heard (and she was correct), that Zimmerman had left his vehicle and was on foot in pursuit, she said, “we don’t need you to do that.”   The evidence presented by the Prosecution at trial tells us that Zimmerman, upon hearing this advice, said, “OK,” and he STOPPED pursuit.  Zimmerman didn’t find Martin, either.  Martin jumped Zimmerman, punched him. Broke his nose.  Wrestled him to the ground and began reigning blows down on him.  
The false facts you are basing your position upon are untruths.  You repeat them here either in an attempt to fool people, or because you are not aware of the facts.  
You do everyone, most of all yourself, a severe disservice.
We’d all be better off, if everyone would stop lying and fooling and willfully embracing fantasies when contrary facts are readily available.


My understanding of the law (and I’m no lawyer) is that there cannot be an appeal of a not guilty verdict as that would put him in double jeapardy. However one possibility, like in the O.J. case, is that the Martin family can sue him in civil court so that he never profits from this travesty.

John Ise

Zimmerman might not be guilty, but the state of Florida certainly is with this crazed”stand your ground” law.  Slate.com put things right noting, “After all, as Adam Weinstein points out, the lesson right now for Floridians is this: “in any altercation, however minor, the easiest way to avoid criminal liability is to kill the counterparty.” But you can see the box the jurors might have felt they were in. Even if they didn’t like George Zimmerman—even if they believed only part of what he told the police—they didn’t have a charge under Florida law that was a clear fit for what he did that night.”

Dave C.

I think manslaughter would have been an appropriate verdict. Both individuals behaved like morons, but Zimmerman did shoot and kill Martin.

Rick Kaczmarek
Rick Kaczmarek

David, again with the distortions and untruths.  Are you an adult, or a child?  Seriously.
There are people killed by guns in Australia, Germany and Japan.  There are also people killed by all sorts of other methods.
You continue to pretend.  
In THIS case, Martin may have been unnecessarily singled out for attention.  The correct and proper response to this was not to attack Zimmerman and start beating the living [email protected] out of him.  For that horrible decision is why Martin is dead.  
Besides your strange insistence on ignoring the actual facts of this case, you’ve bought into a false alternative hypothesis – if Zimmerman didn’t have a gun, Martin would still be alive.
There is nothing to support that, for Martin attacked Zimmerman in a deranged fit of rage.  What’s to say the cops wouldn’t have shot and killed them, had he knocked Zimmerman unconcious and continued beating him?
The facts of this case are that Martin attacked Zimmerman.  That action was against the law.  Zimmerman, on the other hand, defended himself from attack.  Something he is entitled to do in every state in the USA.  Something for which every jury in every state would have found him innocent.
David, bro, we can disagree on all sorts of stuff.  And you are entitled to whatever opinions you choose.  But when you insist on using this format to propagate untruths, you damage your credibility as a serious adult who has the judgement to lead.  If you can’t get these simple facts of this case correct (perhaps while still clinging to your emotional position about Martin’s death), you are saying to everyone, – I REFUSE to pay attention to the truth.
Ya gotta stop, man.


Esrati has officially jumped the shark!!!  
You liberals make it sound like Trayvon was a 5 year old riding his bike at the circus.  His loss of life is tragic but his actions carry some of the responsibility, not just Zimmerman.  He also made decisions that night that contributed to his death!  You need to remove your emotions from your thought process and look at the FACTS!
Zimmerman should have never been charged. In fact, the local Prosecutor’s Office refused charges. Then it became a political/media circus.  Do you recall the media initially identifying Zimmerman as a “white” man? He is as much white as Obama is by the way.  Do you remember NBC “doctoring” the 911 tape, to make Zimmerman look really bad? Then our self proclaimed 1st back president got involved.  Our own government, the DOJ, sent workers down to Florida to set up protests against Zimmerman! I repeat…your tax dollars were spent on organizing protest to drum up support AGAINST a person who, under law, is presumed innocent until proven guilty. All of this by the Department of Justice, sounds like fair and equal justice.  And finally, a “Special Prosecutor” brings charges against Zimmerman WITHOUT going to a Grand Jury.  If she had, the evidence would have been presented then and the Grand Jurors would NOT have indicted Zimmerman because the evidence does not support the charge, manslaughter included.  
The whole situation is sad. Just because it’s a tragic event, does not mean it’s criminal! 

John Ise

Is there any doubt we see this verdict, whether just or not, through our own racial prism?  See a great “What if” cartoon here.

Dr. Funkenstein
Dr. Funkenstein

This case has been a disgusting racist anti-white set up from the beginning.  The hate machine at NBC edits 911 tapes to make it sound like Zimmerman was following this punk just because he was black to stoke racism and hate into the brainwashed black population in this country.  Zimmerman did what any responsible person would have done in a community victimized by crime and was attacked at night by a thug.  Didn’t you take photos of black kids that stole your bike David?  What if one of those kids was a 17 year old that was bigger that you and he broke your nose and then jumped on top of you and starting beating your ass at night David?  Ending bigotry and ignorance needs to start by ending the racist hate machine the democrat party has started that has obviously ensnared Esrati. 


“Had this been in Australia, Germany, Japan- Zimmerman wouldn’t have had a gun to shoot Trayvon.” – DE
Right. Well, maybe. But then Zimmerman might be dead from getting his ass kicked. So what is your point? What would you say then DE? Seriously?
They went for Murder 2. They fucked up with that. This is a much lesser manslaughter situation, 3 to 5 years at best.
Zimmerman should serve some time, but that shipped sailed in the name of “liberal outrage.” It is the liberal medias fault for pressing this issue and then almost baiting them to bring a charge that was way too harsh – murder 2? Ooooooopppps. You get what you pay for liberal hacks.

Pat Offenberger
Pat Offenberger

I tend to agree that the media, MSNBC specifically, tried their best to paint this case as a “armed white guy is killing innocent black youth.” When that failed, after it came out that Zimmerman was a “White-Hispanic” (whatever the hell that means), it then morphed into a “concealed carry holder” is out to kill black kids. And, of course, painting Zimmerman as a “wanna-be” cop, implying that simply following Martin made him deserve to be beaten down by Martin.
The vast majority of folks I know who hold concealed carry permits, have a helluva lot more training than a 12 hour course. I hold one, and carry as often as possible. But like all the folks I know that carry for self defense, I pray that the only shots I fire are at paper targets on a range.
I just don’t get your blanket indictment of people who opt to carry for self defense, trust me, they’re not a danger to you. But, the folks out there in our society who are carrying illegally, and have their firearms for criminal purposes, are around you much more than you can imagine. You really need to consider that reality.


Dave, you mentioned later on in another post that if Zimmerman had been in such or such a country, Martin would still be alive.  You’re right, he would be, and Zimmerman would would Mai dead.  We in America have a right to defend ourselves, even if we start a conversation with someone.  The facts weren’t there to convict GZ…sorry you can’t accept that.  Martin had absolutely no other injuries on him other the gun shot.  


And just add Dave, if you we’re in a situation where you were being brought up on trial and you learned that a major network altered a phone call to make you look bad AND you the learned the prosecution withheld evidence, you would have the ACLU down in South Park so fast it would look like a tornado hit.  Justice?  


“This “mugging” – or more properly, armed robbery with felonious assault, is seriously damaging the confidence of a lot of neighbors. Tonight, we’ll be out patrolling our streets (again, the last time was after a rash of burglaries- of which I was a victim on more than one occasion about a year ago). There is talk about offering a bounty for information leading to an arrest. And, I’m sure there will be a few single women and young families reconsidering our neighborhood.”
Those were your words Mr. Esrati. SO … you were “patrolling” your streets but Zimmerman was an asshole for patroling his. This is the reason why no one takes you seriously. You talk out of your ass (sorry to be “graphic” but it is sooooooo true in this case) and just change your GD mind when ever you want to support your liberal agenda or hatred of conservatives. Keep typing – you are so easy to pick apart.
Defend this Mr. Esrati…..

Rick Kaczmarek
Rick Kaczmarek
David, you not only are acting extremely immature in this thread, you also refuse to acknowledge the truth.  You obviously did not watch the trial and have not examined many of the You Tube videos of real trial testimony.   What Zimmerman did is not only nearly identical to what you have actively advocated in the past, it is also exactly what we all want in our neighborhoods. There is zero evidence, David, that Zimmerman judged this kid for being black or wearing a hoodie.  Anyone who listens to the call Zimmerman made to the police can hear his calm mixed with frustration that people who looked EXACTLY like this person had previously vicitmized his neighbors.  We ALL want people to call the police when they see suspicious people who aren’t acting normal.  Zimmerman saw other people walking in the rain that night.  They were all moving quickly through the pouring rain.  They were also all moving on the paved areas of the community.  What they were not doing, but Martin was, was walking unnaturally slow in the grassy area immediately adjacent to a vacant residence that had previously been broken into. David, you are very determined to ignore any and all evidence that contradicts the narrative you really, really want to believe.  That is your personal failing. But to the extent that you publis this blog in part to aid your community, be an advocate for causes you believe in, and bolster your efforts to win elected office – you are demonstrating an uncommon resistance to examine available evidence and moderate your reactions based on actual facts, as well as reasonably differing interpretation of facts. You are convinced that a concerned neighbor who was not motivated even a little bit by race should rightfully be assaulted and threatened with death, because you hate that he was carrying a gun.  You’ve convinced yourself that Zimmerman was motivated by things that ABSOLUTELY NO evidence shows motivated him.  You are engaged in an active campaign to remove and silence all who tell you the simple truth – that you are buying into… Read more »
Rick Kaczmarek
Rick Kaczmarek

Quickly, David.  You asked (above)  
I’m not sure why no one thinks that maybe Zimmerman got out with a gun- pointing it at Martin- who rushed him- and his only mistake wasn’t killing Zimmerman so he wouldn’t get shot. But, then he’d be up for murder and found guilty.”
My reply:  I am sure some people (including some reasonable people) do speculate that this is what happened.  But it is far removed from the facts that were presented at trial and decided by the court., 
Would you really, honestly have a jury supplant your fantasy of what MIGHT have happened with that which was established in Court?


“He started it.”
Started what? Patroling his neighborhood just like you? He was following TM and then, most likely, TM felt threatened and hit/jumps GZ. At this point both are at fault. Just bc you are followed does not give you the right to hit/jump somebody. And that is what most likley happened – so who started what?
TM could have stopped and asked “may I help you?” – But, most likley, he felt GZ was a “bad guy” just like GZ thought TM was a “bad guy.”
The facts are the facts  –  and the main fact is that we just don’t know who started what.

Bubba Jones
Bubba Jones
“I don’t judge people in my neighborhood for being black or wearing a hoodie. We know most of our neighbors here. We talk. We also call police – and expect them to respond…” – DE Gosh, David – isn’t that the exact same thing that GZ did?  He knew his neighbors.  He talked to them. He knew that TM wasn’t a regular in the neighborhood.  So, TM was suspicious to him.  So he called the police and expected them to respond – JUST LIKE YOU AND YOUR NEIGHBORS!  And, as far as GZ wearing a gun – I seem to remember in one of your posts where you talked (bragged???) about openly wearing your 9mm on your hip.  So, who’s the asshat???   “But, most likely, he felt GZ was a “bad guy” just like GZ thought TM was a “bad guy” ” – Gene Actually, Gene – if my memory is correct, the sworn testimony was that TM thought that GZ was a “creepy ass cracker” that was following him.  This from the girl that he was on the phone with while GZ was trailing him.  hmmm, “cracker”?  Isn’t that a racially derogatory term used by young urban youths to describe Caucasians?  So, who introduced race into the conflict?     As has been pointed out several times, David, you just refuse to acknowledge any of the facts in this case and you’re letting your emotions control what you’re writing.  I first met you about 25 years ago and over those years I’ve seen you do and say some pretty stupid things, but all of this is really at the top of that list.  You are only correct that it was a tragedy that a young man was killed.  But, all of the evidence supports the fact that the young man made it to his house, but then decided to double back and attack GZ from behind.  And, despite all that the media would have you believe, this young man wasn’t exactly the cherubic angel that the published pictures of him would lead you to believe that he was.… Read more »

According to th FBI GZ is not a “racist.” The FBI certainly investigated this man, don’t you think? So how do you know he is a racist? Or is this just a typical liberal phrase you hacks use when you can’t make a real argument?
What “contraints” did the jury have imposed on them? Again, you are just making shit up. Why would we elect you when you just make shit up?


page 2
“So far, however, the FBI has found no evidence that racial bias was a motivating factor in the Feb. 26, 2012, shooting. Agents investigating the case last July determined that Zimmerman had not expressed racial animus at any time before the confrontation with Trayvon in a Sanford housing complex.”
Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/07/15/3501867_p2/zimmerman-juror-to-write-book.html#storylink=cpy
Please read DE, then weep. You are such a liberal cry baby hack. This is almost too easy DE. You are showing your age. This also proves you have not been reading up on the trial.
If they find a racial bias then maybe someone will listen to you. So far none has been found. Well maybe TM was racist with that cracker comment. Go protest will Al Sharpton – lord knows it will be a bunch of out-of-work, hand out accepting thugs……

Dave C.

@Gene: How about dialing back the Ad Hominem attacks? 

Ice Bandit

…nossir dear David, George Zimmerman wasn’t the only dude to receive a UFC quality ground and pound. For guys like Gene, Pat Offenberger, Bubba Jones and Rick Kaczmarek have been giving you such a beat-down on this post they’re probably all wearing hoodies and eating Skittles. Each of your detractors dear David brings reason, facts. logic and knowledge of the law to their posts to illustrate the folly of your emotionally driven arguments. Alas, it may their misfortune to realize you can’t reason a person out of a position they didn’t reason themselves into…