A public service message- sort of…

For those of you who are parents, and have kids who are addicted to WebKinz (I’ve seen it- the force is strong with these little furry things)- my client in Troy is having a one day sale:

Introducing Webkinz at Duck Duck Goose Boutique.
To kick off our new line of these amazing interactive furry friends we are offering our “pick of the month” at an amazing discount this Tuesday, July 1st for only $7.99 ~ Reg. price is $14.00
Hurry in on Tuesday- they won’t last long! (she has 70 in stock)

Sorry to go off on a tangent from the normally important stuff- but, if I can save you money- I’ll try.

Hint- you can order them online at 12:01 am and get the deal.

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