A local search that worked!

I was planning on taking a picture of the new Five Rivers MetroParks billboards that are popping up all over town- to say- yeah! someone in Dayton finally understands the difference between an ad- and a grocery list posing as an ad. Then I saw in today’s DDN Neighbors section that Beth Miller, formerly of the local ad agency “The Agency Group” had been named the new marketing director for MetroParks – and it all made sense.

Billboard for Metroparks.org(I’ll grab a picture soon- and share, there is a billboard at the end of Adams St.)

Then I thought of the $50K the City is spending on hiring a Cincinnati placement firm to find a new police chief- and thought- that’s another officer on the street for a year. And while it seems like small potatoes, I think about how long it takes a cop to learn a local beat- never mind the whole City’s beat- and wonder why- why aren’t we prepared to hire one of our own, someone who knows the neighborhoods, the problems, the people and their way around? If Wanda Davis isn’t ready to be Chief, she shouldn’t still be on the force. At some point, we have to stop the madness- and look to home grown talent.

There is another group in town considering hiring Richard Florida’s consulting team to help us move forward- yet, there are people in town who have ideas and a vision, we just haven’t got an environment that welcomes change or leadership from the front.

It’s often said, if you want change, the first place to look is inside ourselves. If you are thinking global, start local; that’s where the Gem City may find its true gems.

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