8 years on the Commission- and Nan’s going to Mayor School

Interesting- Bill DeBlasio from NYC isn’t going… but Nan is.

The question to be answered is are taxpayers paying- or is it her campaign treasure trove?

More than two dozen newly-elected American mayors are gathering at Harvard University next week for a three-day leadership conference.

The seminar on Transition and Leadership for Newly Elected Mayors, co-sponsored by the U.S. Conference of Mayors, will run from Wednesday (Dec. 4) until Friday (Dec. 6) at Harvard University’s Institute of Politics at the John F. Kennedy School of Government.

Institute Director Trey Grayson says the seminar is an opportunity for new city leaders to engage with and learn from academics, policy experts and political practitioners on the urgent issues and complex challenges of governing today.

The newly elected mayors will participate in a variety of sessions that include transitioning from the campaign to office, finance and administration, jobs and the economy, public safety, education and technology.


New mayors scheduled to participate include Kathy Sheehan of Albany, N.Y.; Esther Manheimer of Asheville, N.C.; Marty Walsh of Boston; John Ducey of Brick Township, N.J.; Bill Carpenter of Brockton, Mass.; Marni Sawicki of Cape Coral, Fla.; Patrick Cannon of Charlotte, N.C.; Richard Kos of Chicopee, Mass. Aja Brown of Compton, Calif.; Nan Whaley of Dayton, Ohio; John Eberhart of Fairbanks, Alaska; Mark Holland of Kansas City, Kan.; Howard Wiggs of Lakeland, Fla.; Philip Levine of Miami Beach, Fla.; Jerry Morales of Midland, Texas; Toni Harp of New Haven, Conn.; Harry Rilling of Norwalk, Conn.; Bill Peduto of Pittsburgh, Pa.; Harry LaRosiliere of Plano, Texas; Lovely Warren of Rochester, N.Y.; Rusty Paul of Sandy Springs, Ga.; Ed Murray of Seattle, Wash.; Rick Kriseman of St. Petersburg, Fla; D. Michael Collins of Toledo, Ohio; Ron Bigelow of West Valley City, Utah; and John McNally of Youngstown, Ohio.

via 25 newly elected mayors gather at Harvard – Education – Boston.com.

Funny, no one suggested this to Mayor Leitzell when he took office. Of course, he was already dealing with being trashed in the paper at least 5 times before even being sworn in.
Ms. Whaley has already had a hand in “accidental demolition of a landmark” – giving herself a pay raise as an emergency and turning down a lease to the food truck incubator project.

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Either he wasn’t invited, he was invited and declined, or maybe it didn’t exist (4) years ago.
“Attendance at this Seminar is by invitation only… All travel expenses, lodging and meals for new mayors and their spouses are paid for by the Institute of Politics.”

Gary Leitzell

I don’t recall being invited to anything like this in 2009. I was kind of thrown into the seat in January 2010 at the U.S. Conference of Mayors in DC where I got to meet all of our local congress members and senators in their offices in a whirlwind tour.
I will admit that I declined alot of stuff and as a result the travel and training budget for the commission office plummetted  between 2009 and 2011  from $43,000 to just $14,000 a year. Couple that with eliminating the secretary position the former mayor had I saved the city $60,000 a year just by getting elected! Will be interesting to see if the travel and training budget increases next year.


Did anyone tell the Institute of Politics we don’t have a strong mayor form of government?


I think school is a good thing for Miss Whaley because it is very apparent she didn’t pay attention when she went the first time , maybe she will learn what a LLC is and what a fundamental business goes through to become a success. Her  buddy Stu Lichter of IRG might just by her a diploma from a prestigious school to hang on her wall with all the money he robbed Dayton of in the Emery deal.