24 different communities, 24 different governments

Reading the Dayton Daily News article about financial standing of local communities, it reminded me of our number one failing in local government- we don’t have local government, we have an entire league of governments.

On the Montgomery County site they list 24:

* Brookville

* Butler Township

* Centerville

* Clay Township

* Clayton

* Dayton

* Englewood

* Germantown

* German Township

* Harrison Township

* Huber Heights

* Jefferson Township

* Kettering

* Miamisburg

* Miami Township

* Moraine

* New Lebanon

* Oakwood

* Riverside

* Trotwood

* Union

* Vandalia

* Washington Township

* West Carrollton

via Montgomery County, Ohio – Government.

That means 24 city managers, 24 mayors, 24 police chiefs- you get the picture.

They compete for resources, they compete for funding, they compete for everything except to make the region competitive on a global scale, because they are too busy competing with each other.

If we switched to UniGov or regional government we could save substantial money by eliminating redundancy. We may also be able to afford better leadership. Sure, we’d be cutting quite a few jobs at a time when jobs are hard to come by, but- we’d have a better environment for business with fewer jurisdictions to have to pay taxes to, fewer rules to break unintentionally as business people, and a clear idea of who is leading us and where they are going to take us.

If elected to the Dayton City Commission, I hope to make my position obsolete before it’s time to reelect me.

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