2009 Dayton Commission election: it’s a free for all

Taking petitions out for the primary in May, that have to be turned in, notarized, with 500 signatures of Dayton registered voters before March 6 are:

Incumbent Mayor: Rhine McLin

Challengers for Mayor:

  • Tojuan Minus
  • Jerome Savage
  • Jamie Simpson (from Channel 7, as a Republican)


  • Bill Krest
  • Gary Leitzell
  • Larry E. Ealy
  • Another viable candidate, who I’ve been asked to keep quiet at this point.


Incumbents for Commission:

  • Nan Whaley
  • Joey Williams

Challengers for Commission

  • Donald Dominic
  • Lorana Kelly
  • Mark Anthony Newberry
  • Jeffrey Welbaum


  • David Rosenberger
  • and yours truly, David Esrati

If you know of anyone else, please let me know.

Only the top 2 vote getters in the Mayor’s race advance and the top 4 in the City Commission race.

If I wanted to make all this make sense, I’d recommend a charter change so that this election cycle be changed to be 3 seats open and the top vote getter becomes Mayor. We may have better debates, a better field and cut down the amount of money wasted on campaigning.

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It is great that so many people want to step up to the plate and run for these positions. I hope they have all read the city charter that states

1. Qualifications.
(A) Candidates for and members of the Commission shall be
res-idents of the City and have the qualifications of electors

I read that to mean that they need to reside in the city in order to run for office.

David Esrati
David Esrati

It also means they have to be registered voters at the right place. Details, details. Of course the BOE has been bad about actually verifying residence for years. Joey Williams was elected only to find he had to annex his property into Dayton- and Gary Kidd ran for Mayor claiming to live on Bonner Street (funny- since it was 5 houses from me- and the street is only 3 blocks long)- when he in fact was pulling a Husted.

Jeff Wellbaum
Jeff Wellbaum

There is also according to the BOE a Douglas Brandenburg, who supposedly might be a City of Dayton Cop. Might be an independent-Republican type.


Jeff, what support do you need to defeat Mayor McHat?

Let us know

Jeff Wellbaum
Jeff Wellbaum

The Committee to Elect Jeff Wellbaum City of Dayton Commissioner Press Release For Immediate Release Contact: Jeff Wellbaum (937)231-9378 Wellbaum Ready For “Prime Time” Dayton, Ohio, February 20, 2009 – Iraq War Veteran, Jeff Wellbaum who intends to run for City of Dayton Commissioner, stated that he is frustrated by the process to become endorsed by the Montgomery County Republican Party. “I was the only one that I know of who was screened for City of Dayton Commissioner” stated Wellbaum. “It seemed like the main question they had for me was how much money I had for the race.” According to the candidate they chose an individual, to run for Mayor who has hundreds of thousands of dollars or can raise hundreds of thousands. “I am the only candidate to come forward for the Republicans for Commissioner and they could not endorse me because I am not rich or well-connected.” Wellbaum goes on to state they endorsed Josh Smith for House of Representatives last year, in the Dayton State Representative District, who was only on the ballot for “name recognition”. “They want to let the voters have no real choice for Commissioner and let Nan Whaley and Joey Williams who are Democrats go virtually unoppossed without a serious challenger,” according to the candidate. “The Mayoral candidate will not have to collect one signature because the party will take care of it for him, while I would have to go out and collect 500 more plus have my own volunteers and family try to collect several hundred more.” I am leaving for my Army Reserve, Non-Commissioned Officer School in Wisconsion on March 4th, two days before the filing deadline to be trained as a leader. “Leadership is standing up for what you believe in” according to Wellbaum. “I would like to spend time with my family before leaving instead of having to collect hundreds of signatures.” “It has been a dream of mine almost all of my life to run for public office.” “I attempted to run for office in 2004 and 2006 and because of family situations I was unable… Read more »

Jeff Wellbaum
Jeff Wellbaum

Thanks to Kevin DeWine for his support for giving me a professional format for a press release. At least the State Chair for the GOP supports me a little.

Jeff Wellbaum
Jeff Wellbaum

The Committee to Elect Jeff Wellbaum City of Dayton Commissioner Press Release

For Immediate Release Contact: Jeff Wellbaum (937)231-9378

Wellbaum Withdraws From Commissioners Race

Dayton, Ohio, February 21, 2009 – Upon consultation with my advisors I have decided to withdraw my candidacy for City Commissioner 2009 and announce my candidacy for Commissioner in 2011.


Paid for by The Committee to Elect Jeff Wellbaum, City of Dayton Commissioner 2011.


Boooooooo…..!!!!!!!!! Why?

Jeff, you are a perfect candidate…….. you are a libertarian……….. we need you. You would have gotten my vote for sure.

Patrick Hayes
Patrick Hayes

I have no love or hate for Mayor McLin but I would like to see someone who can inspire the people of Dayton to realize the potential that is right in front of them. I live in Dayton and would not want to live anywhere else in Montgomery County. See you at CoCos Dave…

Patrick Hayes
Patrick Hayes

Oh and if you check this, I will vote for anyone who proposes bike lanes and pedestrian cross walks downtown, in the Oregon District and on Brown St. We need to make Dayton a more pedestrian friendly city. I mean it…I will vote for you if you do it…


Jeff came by my office and introduce himself the other day. And althoug I somewhat admire people who have the courage and conviction to stand up for what they believe in, I have greater admiration for those people who not only have the desire to help others but who also possess the strength of character to learn and grow as they do so. The little I know of Jeff, he’s on his way.

Jeff Wellbaum
Jeff Wellbaum

I rethought things and decided not to give up so easily. It looks as though any “almost miracle” chance of me getting on the ballot for 2009 is over. Not enough signatures. I started only the 2nd or 3rd week of January because I thought previously my reserve status prevented me from running for public office. I took my eye off the ball too long (getting signatures). Using a military term this was a FTX (Field Training Exercise). There is always 2010, 2011 and beyond… It is a good learning experience… I have my leadership training through the army to attend now. Thanks for the compliment I hope you do well in your race for Mayor, Sir.


He is busy, unlike you, with real work and family. Geez, you always say don’t judge people, you may have lost my vote on this one.