$1,000 in five days, please keep it coming.

Thanks to a very talented writer and her donation, we’ve hit $1,000.

Now, we need another $9K.

E-mails will blast tomorrow, asking for donations, but, beat the rush- please consider giving $25 today. It’s not much- especially compared with the $10K donation from just one supporter for the Mayor.

We’re getting a new city manager for sure, but, if you don’t contribute, it’ll almost be impossible to beat the big money political machine. Please, donate today and ask your friends to. Even $10 helps.


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Molly Darcy
Molly Darcy

Congratulations!!!!! Man the donors are lining up now!


What kind of person calls himself or herself after a chain of “Irish” pubs rather than actually signing their name to their opinions? A coward? A sophomoric person of little or no taste? If you can’t “own” your opinions, “Molly,” then your opinions are not worth the breath it takes to utter them. 

Molly Darcy
Molly Darcy

Sorry my name offends the “talented writer” but I don’t think I was named after a pub—my dad does like Guinness though, so who knows???


Nice try. Try Googling your “own” name, there “Molly.” I don’t believe it’s your name; I’d be surprised if you are even female. You’re just hiding– why?