Why is Brian Higgins in the Montgomery County Jail?

Full disclosure- Brian Higgins is a friend, former client, fellow paratrooper.

Last Monday I reported that Brian Higgins was being sent to a federal prison for a competency evaluation in yet another strange twist of the “culture of corruption” investigation by the Federal Bureau of Incompetence.

First arrested on April 30, 2019, Higgins has been free on his own recognizance for over 2 years. He’s made every court hearing, he’s reported his whereabouts and contacts with police (even if he just called about a car wreck needing assistance). He’s not been convicted of any crime, nor has the state proved that he’s committed one.

Yet, last Monday, the Feds took him into custody after the trial- ostensibly to ship him off to a Federal Prison in North Carolina, Butner,  for an evaluation, yet, he’s being held in the Montgomery County Jail- taking up a bed and your tax dollars ever since.

Screen capture of Booking information for Brian Higgins

Now, Roshawn Winburn has plead guilty– and is due to serve a year long prison sentence, and to this day, is going about his daily business- due to report to the feds in September. Williams served about three months- and skipped the local jail- reporting directly to the Fed prison in Ashland KY- as did Clayton Luckie.

Roshawn Winburn not in Custody

Look up Roshawn Winburn here https://www.bop.gov/inmateloc/

What makes the innocent until proven guilty Higgins deserving of incarceration? Only one possible answer- the feds are on a vendetta. Until they have a place for him in NC, there is no reason for him to be in the Montgomery County Jail. He’s not a threat to himself, or others, or the community.

Who are the feds protecting? Themselves?


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