Why I’ll be asking for e-mail addresses when walking neighborhoods

When I knock on doors this campaign, the most important thing is not who you’ll vote for- but sharing your e-mail address with me. I’m not going to spam you, or sell the list. Every e-mail I’ll send you will include a simple click to unsubscribe link- and be totally CAN-SPAM compliant.

If you don’t have an email address, I’ll ask for your phone number. And, yes- I may robocall you before the election. I apologize in advance. I’d rather have a volunteer do it- but, it’s hard to make 15K calls on the day before the election without the machine.

This data will be made available to any candidate who is willing to swear off special interest money, political action committee money, donations from other candidates campaign chests, and to try to run without a political party in our supposedly “non-partisan” race.

I’m trying to build the framework of the Dayton Peoples Party (name is arbitrary)- where people come first. We’ll never be able to raise $100K like the mayor, nor will we ever want to. It’s a part-time job, with a $40K a year salary. Would you spend that kind of money to get a job that pays less? (If you are a teacher or a social worker, you have my sympathies).

Democracy won’t work as long as office is always won by superior fund raising. How much can you really learn from a :30 second TV spot, a billboard, yard sign, or unfortunately- the lame websites of most incumbents?

We need a better way to communicate about the issues, about the candidates, about our city and its future.

If you don’t want to wait for the knock on the door- please go to http://electesrati.com/user/register and sign up. But please, we will double check all data against voter rolls- so for the sake of data integrity, use legal names etc.

Change will only happen if we change the way we do things. Please help me help us to have a more democratic election.

Please forward this post to as many registered voters that you know- and ask them to help out.

You can also request a yard sign, or volunteer- but those are totally optional.

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