Why can’t Dayton drive on first snow of the year?

Every year, I wonder the same thing? Why can’t people remember how to drive in snow on the first snowfall. Apparently, it bothers my guest co-host too- local comedian Sherif Hedayat.

So today, we offer our tips on driving in snow- so you can forward it to your friends.

And if you really want to know how to drive in snow- read these tips.

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David Lauri

Daytonians can’t drive on snow because Daytonians can’t drive well, period.
Daytonians, especially suburbanites, don’t know you’re allowed to turn left on red from one one-way street to another, unless there’s a sign prohibiting such a turn.  Of course, that issue will quickly be moot — driving around downtown you can see they’re putting up new traffic signals and signs in preparation for the abolition of one way streets. Instead of being able to turn left on red, we’ll be waiting at traffic lights to make left turns.
At intersections that don’t have traffic signals Daytonians seem to love turning left from as far right as possible. On the street my office is on, people do this all the time.  There’s enough room for them to leave space for right-turning cars on their right and oncoming cars on their left, but no, right-turning people have to wait on oblivious left turners.
And Daytonians don’t know how to use turn signals.  Turning on your turn signal after you’ve already braked and are in the process of turning is pointless — by then other drivers have already realized you’re turning.  The proper time to turn on your turn signal is before you start braking for your turn.
Just a few of my pet driving peeves.  I’ve tried to be more Zen and not let other drivers annoy me (Zen Driving is a book well worth reading), but it’s been difficult.  Of course every day presents new opportunities to practice.

Will Brooks
Will Brooks

Quad Release (potassium, sodium, calcium chlorides, and magnesium) will work to -12 Fahrenheit. Mix it with sand to give a little traction on the refreeze.


We’re supposed to receive 3-5 inches of snow. I cringe to think of how long it’s going to take to get up Main Street. Last year, a three-minute drive took 40.
And I _like_ beets! LOL

Teresa Lea
Teresa Lea

It’s not just Dayton. This exact same conversation happens at every water cooler anytime a few flakes fall.
Don’t you two read twitter?? :)


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