Who’s running for Dayton Mayor and Dayton City Commission? It’s a free for all.


Mar 5- we now know who turned in. As usual- a lot of posers pulled petitions but didn’t file. Those who file, still have to meet requirements and many signatures will be rejected.

We know Nan Whaley is not running. But, were we ready for this? Everybody and their mother is running- or claiming they will. Remember- until you have 500 certified signatures- you ain’t running. So far, only Jordan Wortham and Gary Leitzell are on- for commission and mayor respectively.

Prospective Candidates for Dayton City Commission and Mayor 2021

Right now the Dayton field of candidates that are certified:

  • Mayor- Gary Leitzell, petitions turned in 12/3/2020- why they aren’t certified yet is criminal. Certified 2/16/2021
  • City Commission- Jordan Wortham petitions turned in 12/3/2020- not yet certified as well. Certified 2/16/2021

16 February 2021- comment- Why the BOE hasn’t certified these signatures yet is criminal. – release Friday Feb 19, 2021

Others: (and again- until you’ve turned in 500 approved signatures and properly filled out petitions- you are just a poser).


You will have 1 vote in the primary- and there are 5 potential candidates to narrow to the top 2 vote getters.

  • Jeffrey J Mims Jr picked up petitions 1-6-21 for Mayor. Turned in 3-1-2021
  • Gary Leitzell, petitions turned in 12/3/2020- why they aren’t certified yet is criminal. Certified 2/16/2021
  • Keiana Davis 355 St Clair St picked up petitions Mayor 1-7-2021 turned in 3-5-2021
  • Rennes Bowers 1404 Hillpoint Ln. Dayton 45414 Mayor picked up 2/8/2021 – turned in 3-3-2021
  • Larry Ealy 712 Merideth St. Dayton 45402- picked up 2-9-2021, turned in 3/5/2021

City Commission

You will have 2 votes to chose between 7 potential candidates. Top 4 advance to the general in election where you will have 2 votes again to pick the top 2 winners.

  • Jordan Wortham petitions turned in 12/3/2020- not yet certified as well. Certified 2/16/2021
  • Shenise Turner Sloss is making her third run. Filed 2/22/2021, certified 3/2/21
  • Jared Grandy is making his first run. He resigned from his job of “community-police relations” with the city in early June. Turned in 3/1/2021
  • Valerie Duncan is running again- making this her third time. Turned in 2/16/2021, certified 3/2/2021
  • Darryl Fairchild is the incumbent. He could be a wild card in the Mayors race, but more than likely will run for City Commission again. If he opts to run for Mayor in a 3 way race with Mims and Leitzell, things could get ugly. There is also the option that he may do a Mary Wiseman and stop after one term, having seen the ugly underbelly of the Commission and city of Dayton politics and he just rides off into the sunset. Filed 3/2/202
  • Scott Sliver is running again after taking two cycles and a special election off. He came close in his first run in 2015. His nominating committee? Chris Shaw, Matt Joseph, Tom Richie Sr., Jocelyn Rhynard, Ronda Risner. Hmmmm. Turned in 3/1/2021
  • rumor– Stacey Benson-Taylor, regional director AFSCME- Tom Ritchie Sr. Replacement- secretary of Montgomery County Dem Party- also may have picked up for Dayton City Commission. This has been confirmed by Scott Sliver- the two may be running together. Turned in 3-1-21

Detritus by the wayside

  • Nan Whaleypicked hers up 10/20/2020- but has withdrawn. Note- you don’t need to pick them up to run- Leitzell didn’t pick them up- but, he turned them in.
  • Walter J. Hickman Jr. 2804 Princeton Dr Dayton 45406  2/3/2021- Mayor. Walter has tried to run previously- and failed to turn in signatures. He’s run as a write in for School board because he failed in the past.
  • Mohamed Al-Hamdani – his ego knows no bounds. However, the former mutual admiration society affair between him and Nan is rumored to have ended. At this point- it’s purely conjecture if he will run.
  • Jocelyn Rhynard- always holds her cards close to her chest- and sends out mixed messages. Hard to say what her next move will be. (she’s claiming to be running for school board again)
  • Donald Domenick has also pulled petitions for commission 1-8-20121. He’s never managed to properly fill them out and turn them in. Of all the “community leaders” I’ve met- he’s the most like Trump- a total reality distortion field is in effect every time he speaks.
  • Joshua L Hawes, 1304 Catalpa Dr. picked up 1/11/21 – Mayor.
  • Donald L Young 116 Billwood Dr. picked up 1/15/21 – Mayor.
  • Rumor has it that Rhine McLin may have picked up for Mayor.
  • Audrey L. Anderson 238 Audubon Park Dayton 45402 picked up 1/12/2021 for Dayton City Commission
  • Jason D. Gerard 204 Sears St. Suite 222 Dayton 45402 picked up 1/22/2021 for Dayton City Commission
  • Grant Dixon 2101 Wyoming Ave Dayton 45410 Mayor Picked up 1 2/16/2021
  • David Parker 318 Gramont Ave. Dayton 45417 Mayor picked up 2/16/2021

Petitions are due on Mar 5 2021 – notarized, and signed by the candidate, by that date. The primary, if more than 2 run for Mayor and more than 4 run for the two open commission seats (Mims and Fairchild) is May 4, 2021.

Also up this cycle I believe is Dayton Clerk of Courts- which is currently held by Mark Owens – who is the Dem party chair- and he runs unopposed every time.

This time he has opposition: Eric Walker 925 Reist Ave. Dayton 45417 picked up petitions 2/4/2021 Eric didn’t turn in- so Gehres runs unopposed. Vile. Of course, his petitions could fail (unlikely, then no candidates)

Also circulating petitions is Judge Dan Gehres’s son- Marty Gehres- because, well, you know, it’s the monarchy of Montgomery County- and we keep electing the people from the same families.

And, until the Board of Elections certifies petitions- it’s anybodies race.

The Dayton School Board has 4 seats coming up, currently held by Mohamed Al-Hamdani, Karen Wick-Gagnet, Rev William Harris and Jocelyn Rhynard. The deadline for these petitions isn’t until August- and the number of signatures is only 300.

updated Mar 5, 2021

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