We are what we eat

Dayton- and all my readers: meet my girlfriend, Teresa Whitley.

She’s going to make an impact on Dayton- one way or another- and I’m letting you in on her contribution to the conversation about something we need to work on- that’s as important (or maybe more important) than UniGov, Economic Development- it’s our health- and what we eat.

Her site is RootED Nation- and here is the lead of her most recent post:

At the end of the month Montgomery County will be releasing a Community Health Assessment that says black people are more likely to be overweight and to have diabetes.

via Will Montgomery County step up and give us real solutions?.

I’m not going to tell you where she goes from this opening shot- I hope you jump over and read- and comment- and add her to your feed reader.

There is a crisis- and it’s one that we could collectively work together to solve- if we want. We live in the breadbasket of America- we should have easy access to the highest quality, fresh, safe foods – but unfortunately- we don’t. She’s gathering resources and people- and ideas- on how to take back our waistlines- and our health issues and our quality of life- by changing the way we think- and eat.

I hope you enjoy her site- and her thinking as much as I do.

And if you want a second post to peruse- how about one that has this in it:

What if I told you that the statements made by the Surgeon General and National Institute of Health were not only wrong, but complete nonsense? Would you think I was crazy?

OK, fair enough – I won’t take offense.

What if an expert in the field that has spent his entire career following the scientific research of why we get fat, a contributor to Science Magazine, someone who has won multiple awards for his Science journalism, a man who has an undergrad in Physics and two masters degrees from Harvard, Stanford, and Columbia said this very same thing -” not only is it wrong, it’s actually nonsense”. Would you believe him?

via Not only is it wrong, it’s nonsense..

I guarantee- you can save a lot of time reading the material that she’s been gathering by reading her site. Soon you’ll wonder if our government isn’t in the process of killing us off… but, go read it there. It’s good stuff.


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