Update on esrati.com – or why I’ve been so quiet

The bozo meter finally was broken. That feature that allowed you to vote, bozo or brilliant- and hide the stupdity (even my own) in comments, hadn’t been updated in a year.

We’ve found a new ratings plugin, that also handles subscriptions. Going back to import the votes on old comments seemed like way too much work. So, sorry, a new chapter in voting has begun. It also manages subscriptions, so when old posts are commented on, old subscribers may not get comment notifications.

The HTML editor for the comments, hadn’t been updated in 2 years.

So, change comes to esrati.com, hopefully, you like it.

And, well, I still have a full-time job running a small advertising agency, teach a monthly seminar (you can sign up now for next Wednesday), and take care of my 88 year old mother who is sliding down the dementia rabbit hole.

And, the Dayton Public Schools reissued their RFP (Request for Proposal) for a marketing contractor as an RFQ (Request for Qualifications) that was due today, not that they know how to put together an RFP or RFQ  for creative services. The first one was so badly constructed that they couldn’t accept the choice of the purchasing department, and the second was a massive cut and paste of things that “sounded good” to someone who has never hired an ad agency in their life. Of course, after skewering the board for their incompetence, the likelihood of being the chosen agency is probably nil, but, if this district wants to turn things around- we’re probably the best fit IMHO. Time will tell.

On top of all of this, I, like many of my liberal friends, are thinking Caligula was just returned to power today. Talking about the sorry state of local affairs while the foundations of this country are at risk seems almost pointless.

In 8 days, I’ll have owned my house in South Park 31 years. I used to have a huge party every year to celebrate, but, for now, the party is off. After losing my dad last August, and having mom here in body only, it just doesn’t seem like a time to celebrate.

But, don’t worry- I’ve got some more stories to tell, that you will read in the Dayton Daily news three or so days after I publish them.

Stay tuned. And remember, while you’re wearing shorts tomorrow in January- global warming is a hoax, and you drain the swamp by filling it with bigger alligators.



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