The “unwritten” rule is now published. Is it still “unwritten”? Judicial races in Montgomery County

Because we have morons running the two local political parties like good-ole-boy clubs, we don’t get primaries for much- and when it comes to judges, the decision is usually made in a back room with the doors closed.

Today, the Dayton Daily news made the mistake of actually writing the truth about our judicial elections:

Usually, sitting common pleas judges in the county run unopposed. But McGee faces her second challenge after being appointed by Gov. Ted Strickland in 2007. McGee defeated Dennis Adkins in a close race in 2008.

Though judicial races are non-partisan, sources say there has been a gentlemen’s agreement in Montgomery County that once a candidate defeats an opponent, the other party waits for the next open position or appointed judge who hasn’t faced a challenge.

via Skelton is McGee’s second challenger for judicial job| Dayton, OH |

The sad thing is the idea of electing judges is moronic- since most voters can’t tell a good judge from a bad one. Reading legal decisions is about as exciting as watching paint dry- and understanding courthouse management is something only lawyers in town can tell you about.

The party ID doesn’t show up next to their name. They can’t say anything about how they will “judge” since they are bound to follow the law. They can tell you their qualifications- and where they went to school- but that’s about it.

In the McGee vs. Skelton race you are really choosing between 2 Dems. Skelton had voted D forever – and only switched so he could run as a party candidate. When you see a Skelton sign in the front yard of one of the most liberal lawyers in town- that should tell you something.

McGee of course, is the daughter of former Mayor James H. McGee- and married to the Dayton’s chief building inspector, Michael Cromartie. More of the monarchy of Montgomery County. Blaming the former judge for her court backlog 6 years later is a major joke. Most lawyers I’ve spoken to think her court is one of the worst run in the county.

As payback for Skelton running against McGee- the Dems are running the unknown Susan Solle coming out after Denny Adkins- the judge who started the Veterans court- and by all accounts is a pretty solid judge.

This is what happens when you let politicians try to politicize everything- instead of having people running on the merit of their legal skills and abilities, the barricades put up by the parties stop good people from running “until it’s their time”- and then only if they’ve done the proper amount of donkey or elephant kissing.

For judge- Skelton, Adkins and Froelich.
For State Supreme Court- we need some dems on the court- even if they aren’t geniuses- John P. O’Donnell and Tom Letson.

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