The price of being an activist in Dayton

I was talking to a vendor a week ago about how hard it was to fill positions right now. He responded in kind- and told me how he knew of a job that’s part-time and pays well, running livestreaming video for a church.
My firm does livestreaming- and multi-cam recording, and I said I’d be interested- thinking I’d have to haul my equipment there, set up- tear down each week. Nope- they have the equipment, they just need an operator. I’m a morning person, and that it was in one of Dayton’s most beautiful churches, with an amazing organ, sounded like a good way to earn a little extra money (at minimum $5200 a year).

I applied, had a great phone interview, was offered the terms:

Regular Sunday Service $100.00
2nd Service on the Same Day $40.00
Special Worship Service $80.00
Weddings, Baccalaureates, Funerals, etc. $80.00
Weddings, Baccalaureates, Funerals, etc. Rehearsal $40.00
Concerts (Up to 4 Hours) $80.00
Concerts (Per Hour, After 4 Hours) $20.00
Other Related Work (Per Hour) $20.00

I filled out the paper work and was scheduled to start on Sunday.

Well, that was before someone in the church decided that because of my public profile, I’m not an acceptable employee of their church. (Note, Congressman Turner is a member of their congregation). I got the call today that I’m not hired, I will not pass go, and will not collect $100 this Sunday or any other Sunday.

Yes, speaking out against corruption also hurts your livelihood in this provincial small town.

If you have experience running a video live stream with remote cameras, and are looking for a job, let me know and I’ll pass on the contact person.

Hopefully, your politics, your race, your religion all align- as well as the content of your character- fit their profile.

In the meantime- they definitely fail the “equal opportunity employer” test.

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