The next Dayton city manager should be named David (of course)

There was a comment in the Dayton Daily News Speak up today suggesting David Bohardt be the next City Manager- and it made me think- if you believe in keeping your friends close but your enemies closer, Mayor McLin would be able to put Mr. Bohardts campaign rhetoric to the test- and help unify the city. Not a bad idea.
Another option goes back to the days of Patterson and his benevolent business leadership in government- why not approach David Holmes, former CEO of Reynolds and Reynolds to step forward to run this city. Holmes came out strongly for Tony Capizzi in the first test of Mike Turners political capital. Since we’ve had powerful business men making decisions in back rooms for the future of our city for so long- why not put one of them front and center?
The last option- why me of course! I’d offer to do the job with a pay scale directly related to the average household income in the city. If the people do better- so do I. I’d also have some factors built in connecting property values, income tax collection and the value of new construction permits.
Honestly, I don’t believe there is any single ideal candidate for this position- there are so many dimensions to this role. I can say, we need someone a lot bolder than Mr. Dineen- to venture forward with a vision- a plan- on what will make Dayton a hot marketable location for building a future that we can believe in.

What do you think.

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