The Feta connection: Halal International Market

We eat a lot of omelets here- and like feta for the cheese. Usually we go to Halal International Market and buy their bulk feta- but this morning we were out- and they weren’t open.

So- I went to Kroger.

$3 got me 4oz of feta- Halal charges $3.99lb for greek domestic feta.

To get to Halal- ignore the sign at the corner of Wayne and Keowee across from the Sunoco- Take Adams one block into South Park to Theobald court-  turn left and enter the market from the rear. They are behind the car lot.

The feta is in the deli case. They have 2 other “premium grades” of feta for $1 and $2 more- to my taste buds they are more creamy and less salty- and I prefer the denser, sharper less expensive Feta.

And a hint- to keep it fresh longer- keep it submerged in water in an airtight container.

Just another reason to shop local. Halal is also a great place to buy pita bread, spices, olive oil, and tea biscuits- so poke around.

Tell them Esrati sent you.

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