The Democratic Monarchy of Montgomery County Endorsed Dirty Money tonight

Apparently Chairman Mark Owens, who can’t raise money and can’t beat an upstart like Gary Leitzell despite a 6-to-1 cash advantage plus incumbency, directed his private top-secret screening committee to back Sharen “dirty money” Neuhardt.

The reason “she’s a proven fundraiser and can beat Mike Turner” according to Chairmen Mark. First off, Turner already has more money than Sharen raised in her first outing, he hasn’t even started his money machine.

Secondly, she couldn’t beat Steve Austria, a rookie, and embarrassed herself with pathetic ads. She hasn’t even produced a campaign handout as of yet, but has been busy begging for money from her “friends” in DC.

Running a 1% candidate against a 1% incumbent will put the local Dems at 0 and 6 against Turner. In case they haven’t noticed, people are getting turned off by the big money being slung around. How else can you explain Rick Santorum making a comeback against Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich?

The process of endorsing for the party, by a small subset of un-elected people behind closed doors is something that has to stop. We may have the most undemocratic Democratic party in the land.

I hope the people who read this site help spread the word that it’s time to take the money out of politics and vote against the idea that money trumps passion and commitment.

Remember Jane Mitakides- a two time “connected” Democrat who got smushed by Turner?

Also, remember that Sharen Neuhardt didn’t even file the first time to run against Turner- and even Austria didn’t think he could take Turner on. She can’t even answer a direct question on where her money comes from- do you want her to be in charge of your tax dollars?

And- btw- I have a recording of what I said to the secret committee- because I believe in transparency. I’ll post it in the morning, if three people ask for it in the comments.

Thanks to 3 people here and a few on Facebook- here it is:


Here are the two spots I showed them: the Esrati Foreclosure spot:

And Sharen Neuhardt’s “Scary Steve”- her second most “popular” video on YouTube:

And one other thing: Obviously, no one in that screening committee had listened to her on the campaign trail or watched my videos. Her story about being born to a Dayton Cop, going to Fairview and then Georgetown Law and buying a huge farm in Yellow Springs will be laughed off by Turner and the voters. She has yet to answer a single question- except to give some BS about supporting the affordable care act and that single payer won’t work. There is more- for another post.

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Post it !

Larry Sizer
Larry Sizer

Post it!

Bubba Jones
Bubba Jones

And “Post It!” makes three requests! :)


I think that anyone who votes for a candidate based solely on a party endorsement (ANY party endorsement) is an idiotic quadrupedal, ruminant mammal and fully deserves the crappy, self-serving elected officials they get. Whatever happened to doing your own research coupled with your own critical thinking, and reaching a well-considereed conclusion based on your own human brain power? Sheesh. Pathetic. BAAAAAA!

(And I mean no disrespect to sheep, the woolly kind. I’m a hand spinner and knitter, and so I actually really like sheep.)

Ryan Steele
Ryan Steele

I wanted to drop you, your readers, and supporters a line about the Montgomery Endorsement.  I think it is shameful that the Montgomery County Democratic Party would endorse a candidate who says in her speeches that the thing she learned from her `08 campaign was that you shouldn’t run as a Democrat in a Republican-heavy gerrymandered district.  By that logic, Democrats shouldn’t bother putting up a candidate in such a case.  Sharon Neuhardt had no interest in being our Representative when she thought she would lose the race.  After they redrew the lines though, now she wants to serve.  She doesn’t want to represent the 10th District; she wants to win the election.  I will add that this is not “sour grapes.”  If any other candidate had been endorsed, I would accept this and congratulate them; but the endorsed candidate has a good chance of winning the primary, and I’d like to vote Democrat in the general election.  If Sharon Neuhardt is our nominee however, I’ll have to do some serious soul-searching.  There’s my opinion; you keep up the good work David.  I still believe that I would be a better Representative than you, but I will gladly support and vote for you in the general election if you are the nominee; and your website is the best news source in the Dayton area.  If nothing else, I am glad that I ran in this primary so I could be made aware of some good journalism occuring in Dayton.  See you on the trail.


  To the surprise of no one, white smoke rose from D party headquarters last night. It is unfortunate that there is no audio to hear from the party conclave’s selectee. I don’t expect anything substantive from her until after the primary, if she wins.
  Is anyone else interested in hearing more than generalities about jobs? How does a campaign fund raising machine candidate feel about campaign finance reform, tax reform, tort reform, health care costs, energy policy, foreign policy and military spending?  

@Ryan Steele, Nice gesture.



Tom McMasters


Sorry I missed you today.  I made complete DVD and Raw format of what I recorded at the forum last night and they are available at my house if you want to pick them up.  Since you didn’t have the video’s I cut the our main presentations and posted them myself.  Here is the code:

Video’s from the Fayette County Tea Party Forum – 16 Feb 2012
Normally Mr. Esrati posts these videos on his site but he didn’t film Thursday night.  He would normally do a little more editing.
John Anderson (R)

Eric Worthen
Eric Worthen

Sadly this mobocracy that has been created is propelled by money and not ideas.  Sheep will continue to follow the green and eat baseless promises…  The shame is for all to share.

grout paint

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