The class war of health care: end health care for government workers if health reform doesn’t pass

This weekend Congress will vote on a universal health plan.

It’s not actually a health-care plan- it’s a health-insurance plan, but, it’s at least a step in the right direction.

The fear mongering by Republicans has reached full scream, and many, even those who are uninsured, are screaming along with them. This has been positioned as the “all in” bet for the Obama administration.

All of that aside- I’d like to point out that there isn’t a single government worker who lacks health insurance. If the Republicans are against government provided health care, the first thing they should be forced to do is to cut all government spending on health care for every government employee. Leave the VA and the Military health care alone, since they have their own health care systems, but- all the rest- fend for yourselves.

The current “system” is absolutely a failure. With the number of uninsured continuing to climb, along with passing the costs on to those who are still able to afford it, the system is speeding the economic divide in this country.

We’re headed for a class war- the über rich, the great poor and the Government worker. Let’s force the largest union, government workers, to have to pick their side. Who will they want to administer health care? The corporate insurers who have paid executives millions, or government workers like themselves, who believe that they work in the best interest of this country (or so we hope).

Put this argument on the table and see how much support the “Party of NO!” gets for its anti-government-run health care program gets.

Me thinks, things would change.

If you like this idea- please forward it to everyone you know. Time is of the essence.

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