The ad that should bury John McCain

I’ve often said that political advertising is a discredit to my profession (advertising). But, we’ve seen ads before that changed the course of campaigns. Willie Horton, the Swift Boat ads, and now- John McCain calling Barack Obama unfit to lead because he’s a celebrity (I wonder how he’d say this with a straight face to California Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger?).

So when one of his own supporters- Paris Hilton’s mom, says this is a “waste of money” we have to wonder how much longer we can afford to suffer these stupid :30 jabs that do little to educate, inform or connect to reality? Is it time to end the :30 TV spot? Ask John McCain in November, when he blames his ad advisors for going off into stupid land.

Paris Hilton’s mother — a John McCain donor — on Sunday dismissed as a “waste of money” a television ad that used her daughter and Britney Spears to portray Democrat Barack Obama as more celebrity icon than chief executive.

Kathy Hilton, the mother of the blond socialite-actress, lambasted the Republican presidential candidate’s advertisement in a blog posted on the political Web site Huffington Post

“It is a complete waste of the money John McCain’s contributors have donated to his campaign,” Hilton wrote.

“It is a complete waste of the country’s time and attention at the very moment when millions of people are losing their homes and their jobs. And it is a completely frivolous way to choose the next President of the United States,” she wrote.

The McCain ad, titled “Celeb,” asks viewers: “Is he Obama ready to lead?”

Hilton and her husband, a scion of the Hilton hotel chain, donated $4,600 to McCain’s November White House bid.

McCain has portrayed himself as an independent-minded politician with a history of bucking authority and said last week that his rival has shown little more than strong speaking skills.

Paris Hilton’s mom calls McCain ad waste of money | Oddly Enough | Reuters.

Campaigns have become a farce. Fundraising causes a distraction from real issues. When we start analyzing campaigns on a cost per vote basis, who is winning except for the media? It’s time to end this system of “Marketing Candidates” and get back to really important issues- like flag pins on the lapel.

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Gene !!!
Gene !!!

Obama has shown his true colors and will drill for oil!!!!!!!!!!

Your Saint ain’t nuttin’ but a politician – just like the rest of them.

This is something they all do and will not be the downfall of McCain – but something else might be. This is pretty tame to the stuff I see out there.


It is pointing a finger at the ridiculous circus that surrounds Obama.

Obama was the first to compare his popularity to Paris Hilton’s. He was first to throw race into the discussion. The idea that someone so unqualified is going to get the Dem’s nomination is sad.

You have plenty of other stuff to complain about John McCain about. This isn’t it.

David Esrati
David Esrati

@ Anthony-
and that an affair somehow makes John Edwards less capable of leading?
How about this- had Hilary more oral skill than making speeches- Monica Lewinsky wouldn’t have happened- and we would have had Al Gore as President for 8 years instead of the last political “nuk u lar” train wreck.
It was my thought at the time- that this TV ad was a huge mistake- apparently, others- including Paris Hilton herself- think it’s almost a joke.
I doubt Jesus could be elected dog catcher in most of America.


“and that an affair somehow makes John Edwards less capable of leading?”

Have you ever been married? Affairs are for losers, and I once liked John Edwards but when grown men act like boys it disqualifies them from being President. Republican or Democrat or Indy.

I actually don’t care that much, but when did sex end up being something so hard to control? And when did cheating become acceptable?

It happens a lot. Most everyone is now guilty of this – sad.

David Esrati
David Esrati

OMG Lillian-
I can’t believe Kimmel put that on TV. Warning to all- not PG.
But funny- very funny.