WDTN interview this morning: Esrati on the digital divide

Here’s the video from this morning’s interview with Dan Edwards from WDTN. This time- with me running for Dayton City Commission :-) It was on at 8:20am on CH 26. Esrati says Dayton digitally divided And, it figures, yet another Nan Whaley mailer today. She’s going to spend more than Rhine McLin’s entire campaign spent Read More

It is who you know. DDC hires Howard?

While it’s almost impossible to figure out why the Dayton Development Coalition gets to hand over no-bid contracts to  Congressman Turner’s wife, and pays its President almost more than the City Manager of Dayton and the County Administrator COMBINED, it’s even more interesting to think about what could be done with the money instead? Regional Read More

Time to end Time Warners monopoly.

In case Time Warner forgot, it got to string all that cable up without having to compensate anyone else for the use of existing poles or buying right-of-way. In exchange, they provide a “franchise fee” to local communities and deliver “Public access” programming. It sounds as if this is the way Time Warner is going Read More