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Dayton Grassroots Daily Show v9: Wall Street vs Breadbasket of the World

We’re still working out a format. This was a total ad-lib, thanks to our “cameraman” pushing record before we’d figured out what to talk about. Ends up- Afghanistan, the perils of a Wall Street driven economy- and where will the world get it’s food in the future (hint, Ohio used to be part of “The Read More

High frequency trading on Wall Street- and why it should worry us all

On the average day on Wall Street these days, more trades are executed than the sum total of trades in 1960. Sure, technology has made trading easier- but, as far as I know- the rules of investing haven’t changed that much. Investing is supposed to be how you make money on Wall Street- that’s why Read More

Free markets aren’t free when they fail.

Things went from bad to worse this week, with two major investment banks floundering and a mega-insurer becoming a ward of the State. All of a sudden, naked short-selling is getting the heave ho, as an industry built on greed finally saw that the well does in fact, run dry. While the “geniuses” on Wall Read More

How to solve the financial crisis- what you won’t hear from Obama or McCain

There is no question that Wall Street is flailing about, while our President and the two candidates are woefully inept at making any proposal to stop the hemorrhaging and start working on the fundamental issue (which the candidates have correctly identified) greed. The following NY Times article has a lot of finger pointing and posturing- Read More

Nicolas Sarkozy agrees with David Esrati on the “Financial Casino”

I’ve been calling for changes in the way Wall Street works for several years. Financial markets were designed for raising long term capital for investment in business concerns- based on long term business strategies. What they’ve become is a casino, where people invest for minutes, hours and days- based on fluctuation and whim. Google hasn’t Read More

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