The Turner Effect

Dayton Development Coalition is out of touch

First order of business at every municipality in the region today: demand an audit and a refund from the Dayton Development Coalition. While every single community has been asking employees for concessions, laying off staff, not filling positions and cutting budgets- the Dayton Development Coalition continues to behave like Wall Street bankers- drinking champagne and Read More

“Not me” blamed in Urban League failure

Teflon. A non-stick coating, applied to pans so food won’t stick. Teflon Status- a non-stick coating given certain people who aren’t held responsible for their actions in Dayton. County administrator Deborah Feldman is the queen of teflon, but don’t expect anything to change there. She’s still playing with our money, without any oversight from the Read More

Congressman Turner admits he’s for sale

One of my father’s favorite jokes goes like this: A guy walks up to a starlet in a bar and says “Will you sleep with me for a million dollars?” She says “but of course, darling” Then he asks if she’ll sleep with him for a dollar. She replies- “What kind of woman do you Read More

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