Stivers school of the arts

Bad architecture in the real world and the virtual world

It’s not my job to discredit a local professional. However, upon reading about the problems with the Stivers School of the Arts Auditorium, I thought I might do a little sleuthing. First the Stivers issue from the DDN: Those ambitions are on hold, however, as school district officials, architects, theater consultants and others work on Read More

A man with a plan: David Lawrence, Principal Thurgood Marshall HS

(A disclaimer: I’m biased. Live with it. I’ve been friends with David for years.) I predict that within 3 years, Dayton’s Thurgood Marshall High School will be a school of first choice, much like the vaunted St. Ivers (I mean Stivers). And, I’ll be surprised if the parents of the students attending don’t know it Read More

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