Secretary of State

The Montgomery County Board of (S)elections

There are enough barriers to getting elected in this country, the last one shouldn’t be the “bi-partisan” group that is in charge of making sure elections are fair- but, in Montgomery County, it seems the first stop is the last stop for more candidates and causes than most. Special privileges given to party- or union-endorsed Read More

Independent investigation needed for Board of Elections

The problems have already exponentially increased by having the local Sheriff do the investigation. As part of the “Monarchy of Montgomery County,” Sheriff Plummer has been been part and party to other questionable actions in office. Of course, regular readers know that his sister was making ridiculous money as an appraiser, and had been granted Read More

BOE pointing fingers and contradicting themselves

The latest salvo in the Montgomery County Board of Elections mayhem is that the directors can’t defend themselves because the evidence of their incompetence is missing. Sort of like the class slacker saying “it’s not my fault because the dog ate my homework.” Read on from a story that was on the DDN homepage but Read More

The many legal opinions of the City of Dayton on petitions

Without doing the in-depth legal analysis of where the City is not only wrong- but dead wrong in its adherence to the Charter, I’m providing you with a PDF including 6 different opinions on the issues of ballot access. It’s funny- that somethings have to be filled out just right- somethings require “substantial compliance” and Read More

Board of Elections inserts itself in the way of the voters

The signatures were good. The petition was turned in on time. The issue is what day did I declare my candidacy? My answer: I’ve never declared my candidacy, the Board of Elections declares my candidacy. Today they rejected it- because I put the date of turn-in on my petitions instead of some arbitrary date in Read More

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