Rick Perales

Action to undo Shanklin appointment to Veterans Service Commission filed today

Attached is a copy of an original action in quo warranto and an affidavit in support that were filed today with the Second District Court of Appeals relating to the appointment of Wilburt Shanklin to the VSC, by Anne Jagielski,, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, Montgomery County Prosecutor’s Office. Shanklin Quo Warranto Quo Warranto means: A legal Read More

Follow up on the Greene County cutting allowance to the DDC

I first wrote about this back on Jan 22nd– patting the Greene County Commission on the back, for taking a stand for their taxpayers. On Jan 28, 2010- the Dayton Daily News called them on the carpet: Greene County’s commissioners are either being petty or they’re lost in the financial weeds. Last week Commissioners Marilyn Read More