Raleigh Trammell

“Modern medicine” in America- buyer beware

How long would your business last with no printed prices? Can you imagine people going to a McDonald’s and ordering a Big Mac then getting a bill for $300 after you finish eating it? Or, you take your car into the shop for an oil change, and later get a bill for more than the Read More

“The last nail in my political future” – supporting gay marriage

Yesterday, the president, our first black president, finally took the correct stand on gay marriage- to support it. It’s not about god, the bible or religion, it’s about equal rights. The same equal rights that were so long in coming to the black community, are starting to have a chance for the LBGT community. On Read More

I really feel terrible about it too.

No oversight on $46 Million? And, the FBI and the county are going after Raleigh Trammell for his little scrape?  Sounds like JFS director Christy Novell and County Administrator Deborah Feldman should be under investigation and on leave without pay until they understand that this is a major violation of the public trust and their Read More

Unions in politics: quid pro quo?

Unions and politicians are usually tied closely together come election time. The Democrats have the labor unions and the Republicans have the public safety unions- at least in Dayton. Weigh this out- the Dems get a lot more union “juice” because  AFSCME covers a lot more workers than either the IAFF (firefighters) or the FOP Read More

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