The real parking problem in Dayton

Photo Credit: Bruno Furnari via Compfight Imagine what would happen if NYC enacted rules requiring one parking space per every 1000 square feet of living space? NYC wouldn’t be NYC. That’s because the whole value of a dense urban downtown is that by cramming people together, you create critical concentrated buying power that supports retail. Read More

Three-minute thinking

The argument about how many liquor licenses should be permitted in the Oregon district continues to kill off the district’s potential to be the entertainment district it could be. Unfortunately, 30-year-old thinking is still being applied. The limits were put in place because a small group of residents were allowed to speak for the whole Read More

Chamber Breakfast, Bob Shiffler, the Arcade and our stinkin thinkin

Bob Shiffler spoke at the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce breakfast briefing today about his ideas and plans for the Arcade. What he’s done at the Kuhn’s building at 4th and Main has been absolute alchemy. It serves as a shining example of what happens when someone with a vision doesn’t let the glare of Read More