Mayor Nan Whaley

Welcome Dayton vs. Welcome Children. Mayor Whaley’s confusion

Mayor Nan Whaley likes attention. She likes it even better when federal dollars are attached. In her bid for the spotlight and a chance to move up the ladder in the national Democratic party, she says some pretty stupid things- like this: Dayton would likely be a destination for a portion of the thousands of Read More

Mayor Nan Whaley tries to sell issue 6 as a renewal when it is in fact a permanent tax change at the same rate.

Dayton’s Issue 6 – Deceptive mailings

My parents and I received a postcard in the mail today asking us “On May 6, voter FOR ISSUE 6 and RENEW DAYTON.” My father, a senior, who is relatively astute, said that he read it- and has no clue what Issue 6 is. Dayton is a Great City. Let’s Keep It That Way! For Read More

8 years on the Commission- and Nan’s going to Mayor School

Interesting- Bill DeBlasio from NYC isn’t going… but Nan is. The question to be answered is are taxpayers paying- or is it her campaign treasure trove? More than two dozen newly-elected American mayors are gathering at Harvard University next week for a three-day leadership conference. The seminar on Transition and Leadership for Newly Elected Mayors, Read More

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