Health care

White collar criminals at CareSource skip jail

While Raleigh Trammell is on house arrest- awaiting trial for allegedly stealing a few hundred thousand dollars from federal and state funds for the poor- Pam Morris, the grossly paid CEO of a company that ONLY has government as a client- gets to pay a $26 million dollar fine and continue on like nothing happened. Read More

Hospital hardball?

The City of Dayton spends $25 million a year on health insurance for its employees and dependents. The county may spend just as much. Throw in the other municipalities- and it’s got to total somewhere around $100 million. That should buy a lot of health care. In fact- since the insurance companies skim off between Read More

The class war of health care: end health care for government workers if health reform doesn’t pass

This weekend Congress will vote on a universal health plan. It’s not actually a health-care plan- it’s a health-insurance plan, but, it’s at least a step in the right direction. The fear mongering by Republicans has reached full scream, and many, even those who are uninsured, are screaming along with them. This has been positioned Read More

The terrorists at Toyota

Fear. It’s a powerful weapon. It’s also a great diversion. While you’re terrified, you typically don’t think about things rationally- or tend to make good decisions. Masters of propaganda know this. Manipulated masses don’t. The whole “news story” about Toyota’s engineering problem is just another instance of the magician distracting you while they do their Read More

The big blink.

In one spread in today’s Dayton Daily News we see three articles: GM retirees plan protests– where IUE/CWA members are wondering what will happen to their health care benefits from GM. GM’s Wagoneer gets nice pension: where the man who took the mighty automaker on its final drive into the ground, gets to retire with Read More

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