Hara Arena

How we contributed to Hamvention leaving Dayton (post from the future)

Here we are sitting in 2014 (or maybe earlier) scratching our head after Hamvention is not coming to Dayton. While many may say “who cares”- local hotels, restaurants, car rental businesses, strip clubs- and of course the people who own Hara Arena are all watching their income drop. But- it’s only one weekend a year Read More

The return of indoor football to Dayton

The Miami Valley Silverbacks will be back this year- playing at Hara Arena. Owner Jeff Kolaczkowski has hired Ryan Evans as GM. They’ll be holding tryouts on Saturday, Oct. 23, at Englewood Indoor Soccer. The team is working on their website- www.silverbacksfootball.com and more details will begin to appear over the next few weeks. Coaching Read More

Thanksgiving Day video: The Turkey Trot

We both ran the Turkey Trot in Miamisburg this morning. I was an official runner- Greg ran “bandit”- registrations closed on the 5 mile run a few days ago, at 6,700. My official time is now up: 47:50 which means I ran under 10 minute miles- not bad considering my right ankle looked like a Read More

Please welcome the Dayton Gems, ’cause we need some good news

Tonight the Pittsburgh Penguins pushed the Stanley Cup to a decisive game 7, giving die-hard hockey fans one last great game of the season. Today, the Dayton Gems made their official announcement to return to Hara Arena in the fall. It’s not the same team, or even the same league although the names are the Read More

New Montgomery County Ohio tax to make the rich richer.

There is a hockey rink off Austin Road, but you wouldn’t know about it unless you play. It’s in an old tennis barn, and it’s one of the coldest rinks I’ve ever played in. The boards are catywampus, the stands are just aluminum bleachers, and the locker rooms could double as a meat locker, but Read More

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