I really feel terrible about it too.

No oversight on $46 Million? And, the FBI and the county are going after Raleigh Trammell for his little scrape?  Sounds like JFS director Christy Novell and County Administrator Deborah Feldman should be under investigation and on leave without pay until they understand that this is a major violation of the public trust and their Read More

Who’s the criminal? SCLC, Montgomery County, Caresource?

Raleigh Trammell is an ex-con. A man convicted of welfare fraud. Been to prison. Comes back and somehow ends up administering welfare programs again? Uh, does this sound like a good idea? So when the FBI is called in to investigate the possibility that he, as Britney Spears says, “Oops, I did it again” should Read More

Are there two standards for police investigation?

When I was on the campaign trail I heard people frustrated with police attentiveness. “You call them, they show up late- and they just don’t seem to care.” However when some people call, it seems there are no stones unturned. We seem to have two standards for justice in our community. I tried time after Read More

How much government are you willing to pay for?

We’re not alone in our battle to be competitive on the global stage. Every other metropolitan area in the county is thinking about regionalization- and rethinking the last 50 years. This article on Cleveland.com tells me one thing- we’re behind on the move toward functional organization- all from one indicator: they’ve actually put a price-tag Read More

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